SUPER Easy Dollar General Scenarios For Saturday 10/7 – All Digital Coupons – SUPER NEWBIE FRIENDLY

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Bridget Carey says:

You want those hungry kids to get out of your face! Lol

Julia Herrera says:

Oh and Greg I did walk out the store like a winner!!

Julia Herrera says:

God bless Greg, keep up the great scenarious!!

Julia Herrera says:

Omg Greg, thanks so much for your help!!! We are on a tight budget and this has help tremendously!! On the gain scenario my total came to 10.23

lashone campbell says:

How do you get multiple 3 off of 15?

Amy Fales says:

Thank you!!!!

Wendy Pike says:

First off Greg u are hilliarious.My kids are ALWAYS ALWAYS saying they are there are rebates for tyson on ibotta dont know if these apply or not for some ex.CASH..Thanks a million…..

Kelsey Guo says:

Hi, Greg, just wondering if the 5off25 sat promo will came off for the Gain deal๏ผŒor since it already took off the 5 off 30, it will not take off the 5off25

Saving with Nikki says:

Thanks Greg!

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

Great video Greg Dependable Angel Services Outreach on YouTube super support.

Mrs Nonda says:

Thanks Greg! I am going to try the chicken ๐Ÿ” deal u mentioned.

Michi Wichi says:

Thank you for sharing

Stacy McF says:

Help me out with some diapers and wipes PLZ & THANK YOU!!

Niger Brown says:

Thanks so much! I'm a newbie to your channel.

Nakeya Mann says:

Another DG couponer said that if u want to use the 5 off $25 & the 5 off $30 together u just have to get your total to $55 before coupons & have at least $30 of Gain products.

evanm076 says:

Thanks Greg!!!

Robin E says:

Thanks for sharing! Btw, that smoke detector needs a new battery. Js.

TheRealTiff says:

Hey Greg!!! I just need my store to get stocked. I've had to play around with your scenarios based on what the store has, all your hard work is appreciated!!!

Carissa Coursen says:

Greg I just feel I need to express that I consider u a blessing that came into my life yesterday. I stumbled across ur channel and found it SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! I wrote down both gain scenarios and went to DG today and had a blast shopping for exactly what u said and getting it for so cheap. It made my day and tomorrow I plan to go get the cottenelle scenario. Thank u so much for the hard work putting these together for us

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