Target Coupon Shopping Deals 9-20

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lindegirl 333 says:

Where did you get your coupons from

Falon Vakameilalo says:

I love your make up😍😍

Rhonda&olivia Westmoreland says:

Do u still coupon

Natalie Wilborn says:

Tfs! More target deal videos, please!! 😊👍🏻

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

I really miss your in store target videos!!

Zawadi Braxton says:

I love your videos! You remind me of Chelsea from teen mom you talk just like her lol. I really like how you tell the break down of the math. And explain in detail what the price will be. Lots of couponers don't do that? How did you get started? Is it time consuming I have a family of 8. My husband and I, then our 5 boys and 1 girl.

EmmCam says:

great video !!! where did you say you get the paper coupons??

Nicole Thomas says:

what is the target wheel cart offer?

Blossom Color says:

thanks! This year I'm going to Florida and were going to target

IshraImmoral I says:

Are you limited to any certain amount of coupons in a transaction?

ee star says:

Omg you look like Patty Stanger with your shades on! What music are you using in the video??

livelaughsavesd says:

Sub for sub? 🙂 I just subscribed

Angel Wings says:

Would you ever do Walmart videos?

#MySoCalledLife1977 says:

New subbie! I would love it if you would check out my channel. Thanks!

Gechhong Lim says:

Can you link the website that i can print out the coupon? please

MrMoonlight222 says:

I don't have a smartphone so I can't do the cartwheels.

Flavie Pierre says:

can you please recommande a good wireless printer that print coupons in black. Mine prints them in color. I am spending a lot of money on ink.

melanie fisher says:

can you please tell me where you found that Raid coupon….I couldnt find it anywhere. ..want to do this deal

fantasyxo90 says:

It sucks that you don't really save big in the end. Remember half of this stuff your buying and just getting back gift cards of the money you just spent. Good couponing though.

Fernanda Martinez says:

how can you print more than 2 coupons per computer ? for ex I can only print out 2 coupons for the clear shampoo ?

melanie fisher says:

I looooove your couponing channel!!!

ladycastille73 says:

Hello!! I love ur videos….ur break down things nicely. The only thing g I would like to see that u don't do is a break down of total price, total saving and also wht u received for gift cards 🙂

Kari Garcia says:

Thank you.!

Shay Singer says:

So happy to find your channel! I've been couponing for a couple of years now but the past couple months I've really been slacking so this is going to help me refresh. For your Target hauls do you typically roll your gift cards with each transaction or just pay the larger up front cost and use all the gift cards are your next shopping trip?

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