Target Grocery Deal 7/2/2016

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Hello Everyone!

Here is the grocery deal that I did as well as other available offers!

Xoxo… Mary


Kim Roseberry says:

what is the name of the clipping service u use?

Kim Roseberry says:

how do I find the link to the person u get inserts from. I am not too experienced with all the technology on YouTube yet but I will learn

Cinamon East says:

I hate on turkey too…

Deborah Johnson says:

Watched your video yesterday and did my grocery shopping at Target. Took advantage of the $10 Gift card on $50. Used a few coupons, but used cartwheels on most of my purchases. Thanks for sharing. Will match up my coupons on my next visit so I can have more savings.

chasity gtv says:

is disani cartwheel no longer available?

Lovanme says:

You are so funny

Karyn Haines says:

I demo the Just mayo products….they're actually made by Hampton Creek and the brand name is Just. There are seven or eight flavored mayos including Wasabi and Siracha They also sell salad dressing. These are non-gmo, preservative free, gluten free, egg free and dairy free. They actually taste great and I am Miracle Whip person. They also have Just Cooke Dough and just Water.

sandraand6690 says:

"Turkey haters!" LMAO

Emi Ayau says:

You look like you're feeling better.

Marilynn Hudson says:

Hi Mary. I can't download the Ibotta app. It's saying it's not compatible with my device. I was able to get Checkout 51 though. What's your opinion on C O 51?

Rosalind Bernard says:

Thank you Mary for sharing love watching your videos you keep me coming back for more always very informative and you make me laugh in the process have a happy healthy and safe 4th of July

Yolanda Zamora says:

Mary u a freak……lmbo….. (U GOT ME ROLLING LOVE)

Adri Facio says:

Q sorpresa para mi haber preparado mi compra muy similar a la tuya 😨 yo estoy por salir para la tienda espero y to-do salga igual de bien como a ti.

Adri Facio says:

Hola Mary 😉
Estoy muy feliz de mirar lo bien q luces, Dios te bendiga q ejemplo para todos con todas las cosas q estas pasado y como siempre muy contenta y luce q disfrutas tanto lo q haces.

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