Tesco £5 off Next £40 Shop Vouchers, Discounts, Offers and Club Cards

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Once upon a time there was a supermarket giant called Tesco that would literally throw money at its customer so that they continued to shop in its stores for the expressed purpose of maintaining the lions share of the UK retail market at more than double the share of Tesco’s nearest rival. The Tesco club card was the flag ship in Tesco’s arsenal for retaining big spending customers amongst many weapons of mass consumption such as £5 off for your Next £40 shop vouchers that the checkout tills like lottery machines would spit out every now and then.

Find out in my latest video in the Tesco Crisis series of what happened to the great Tesco discount offers and what it means for future prospects for Britain’s largest retailer.

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Robards says:

Give me Tesco anytime over those scummy shops Aldi/Lidl.

Boomer Sooner says:

Hi Nadeem – can you please give a quick review and update on your Gold and Silver calls please given the rather alarming drops over recent weeks. Look forward to your views & any tips on action you expect in the next month or so). Thanks.

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