The BEST Prime Day 2017 Deals!

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Check out our forum thread listing all of the best deals we (and the community) could find!

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AMD FX-8350 Processor with Wraith Cooler

Corsair MM100 Mousemat

ASUS ROG G20-DB71 GTX 1070

Acer Predator Helios 300

PS4 Dualshock Controller (Silver)

PS4 Dualshock Controller (Camo)

Nvidia Shield TV Console

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Tap – Alexa-enabled Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet


FDN says:

Why did you use Yvonne's account for the screenshots ?

jotaroxtreme says:

I would have loved to get that Nvidia Shield TV but alas, I was broke.

Finn Michiels says:

focus anyone identify worse than thks wowo?

GalaxyTraveler says:

Fuck Amazon. That is all.

ELGaming says:

I got a surface pro 4 for £470 on prime day, that is a good deal!

Mike Soda says:

I'm almost starting to not like sales, need to have extra money to save money but isn't that the whole point of a sale in the first place? Because one can't buy whatever it is at regular price.

Herp/derp 233 says:

Hey guys whats the best smartphones as of today for listen to music thru headphones?

Fool's Requiem says:

I got a LG 34in ultra-wide monitor and the HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard, but completely forgot to look for SSD drives on sale.

Connor Milne says:

Linus, I dare you to make a complete setup using only amazon prime items for under $600.

Jun Li says:

last year I was able to get a 512GB SSD for 92 bucks… no luck this time.

DucksEverywhere says:

Hey guys, I plan to build my first PC sometime near Christmas this year. I'm 15 years old, but I've been watching Linus, Jayz, etc for over 4 years pretty much non-stop. Basically, I have no experience, but tons of knowledge. Anyone see any possible issues with this build?

Atrinity says:

You said there was two PlayStation controllers. You only showed one. Where's the other one?

Oskar Kristoffersen says:

use fire attention unexpected blood mayor experimental ritual.

TiltSlamBam says:

Why are Fire tablets not available in Canada damnit!

Tim Be says:

german deals were sh!t

npsit1 says:

That's a good marketing ploy by Amazon.. "Sure, we'll ship your stuff for free today.." People then buy a lot more stuff that they don't need and Amazon gets a lot more money.

NeverKnowsBest Paulius says:

Sponsored by amazon, how about you mention that, cunt. All sales were shit. Fry's electronics has better weekend deals than this shit.

Gizmo Beast says:

Should I get 8gb or 16gb of ram I mean the only intense games I have is, Beam.NG Drive, Call of Duty Black-ops 2 and the hunter Call of The Wild (witch I can't play because my laptop doesn't have the right graphics) so I'm building a desktop, with the right graphics
but I need to what kind of ram I should get.

Neon Lines says:

Amazon copied the steam summer sale

beefgoat says:

The quality of these videos has gone waaaay downhill. It seems that LTT is trying to pander to 13 year olds. How may 13 year olds but $10,000 pre-built PCs?

Crixus The Gaul says:

I grabbed the corsair h100i v2!

jaimin parikh says:

can u give me gtx 1050?

Game TL says:

Damn, I living in Australia and we only Amazon that sells books

Incognis Reviews says:

I find this oddly hilarious that the first two things you open with are the parts that JUST failed in my buddy's computer.
CPU fried due to an h110i v2 pump failure (only bought just last october) and the motherboard got damaged when trying to put a rather old and janky aluminum cooler in its place.

Jorge Escobar says:

Discounts on products that noone wants… yay!

Caillou says:

The NVIDIA SHIELD looks like it needs healing.

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