The Best Ultimate DraftKings Promo Code – jparker 100% Matching The Best Promo Code

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The Best DraftKings promo code you can find anywhere is jparker.

This will give you a 100% matching bonus up to $600!

DraftKings Official Website (Sign Up Here) —

Everywhere you turn, you are hearing and seeing advertisements for one week fantasy football, and same day fantasy sports on DraftKings. They offer some awesome deals, and have some really big contests.

DraftKings promo code – jparker

Same day or one week fantasy sports is red hot right now. People are having a blast playing, and you can too. It really is a drag when your #1 player on your season long team goes down for the year, and you are left scratching your head. Well, with DraftKings you no longer have to worry about stuff like this because you get to do the fun part every contest you enter, and draft a new team!!

Due to the incredible momentum DraftKings has, people all over are searching for the best DraftKings promo code. As I mention in the video, I have partnered with DraftKings to help make sure you get the best promo code they offer. That code is:


It is not case sensitive. All you have to do is go to draftkings website and plug in that promo code and you will be all set!
If you do not want to use a promo code, simply click the link below to visit their official website:

In the video, I also mention about taking promo code money. DraftKings is the same as any other site where promo codes are handed out. To get the matching money, you have to play in “X” amount of games. In other words, if you deposit $500 and they match you $500, your balance will be $1000. Yes, you can play in $1000 worth of games, but you cannot just withdraw $1000. You can always take out the money you win, as well as the money you deposit, but the bonus cash won’t become available for withdraw until you fulfil that amount of games played in real money contests.

DraftKings is a great platform for same day/1 week fantasy sports. Don’t hesitate to get in and see what the hype is all about, you won’t be disappointed! To sign up at their official website, go here:

Use DraftKings promo code jparker to cash in on the 100% matching bonus.

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DraftKings promo code – jparker


Robert D says:

Fuck off old man it didn't work get a life

fire killer says:

still works?

Kroenman says:

Play fantasy sports on Draftkings and get entered into a $27 contest for any sport, must deposit a minimum of $5 to get the free ticket!

TheProGamers says:

The best! highly recommended

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