the big business of printing coupons

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Close is now a publicly traded company on NYSE
—-a couple of YT videos about it

—-a couple of news articles (NYSE: COUP) Shares Soar 102% After IPO


lilyashagirl says:

Hey Michelle,
Thx 4 Sharing… when I First found out a few Months ago about them going Public. I Immediately decided 2 get in on it nd I'm EXTREMELY GLAD I DID!! The Stocks already up to $26 a Share!! And the Crazy part is I can't Print right Now!!! LoL… Waiting on a New Wireless HP Printer which leads me 2 my ? Do you know How Works With the Load 2 Card Feature? If so can u do a Video? There are A Lot of Ppl who don't have Access to a PC/Printer nd I just Heard that the Digital Q's are becoming Increasingly More Popular. I'm wondering does it just Work for stores w/ Loyalty Cards like RA, Wags, CVS… Nd what about Stores like Walmart/Target? So I just found out you can Actually Load them to your Credit Card!! Wow… The Digital Age is Really Moving Forward!! Thx for Sharing All you Do because you Truly Help me nd Many Others!!! 🙂

gigi c says:

Interesting info. To hear that sales grew 43% is an amazing amount. So I have no doubt that a manufacturer would mind us using a coupon, I'm sure they'd encourage it and would want us to spread the word. Ha! I wish some  employees could see these videos and maybe they wouldn't be so finicky about a 50 cent coupon. It's obviously a "win win" situation. Thanks for the great insight.

Vicky V says:

Omg, if I knew earlier I could make so much money from their stocks! Hehe it's not $16 pee share anymore, it's $25! If u invested a lot, you could earn so much money within 24hrs! Omg =O

chefgreen2002 says:

Great info!

Ohimemama san says:

Wow!  Those are some amazing numbers!  And to think we still have some store employees who still can't grasp the concept of those coupons, lol!

blogboardbusters says:

Why didn't I invest in when I started couponing ? sigh

Heather Espinoza_Baker says:

Wow that's hard to believe especially on the redemption/ stats of 1% and 15%!
How much do people that link on their blogs actually make? I'd prefer to benefit someone that I follow however you can't print two coupons whereas on you may….very interesting I always wondered about the profit and blogs. 

BathandBeautyFreak says:

very interessting

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