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VINwiki says:

Have you checked out Policy Genius to see if you are getting the best deal on insurance?

Dont talk to me says:

I put a k40 in a first gen viper. Very cool experience.

james kettlewell says:

One of the first days I got to drive my 91 c4 vette I randomly turned the radio on to hear danger zone and all I could think was yessss lol

Mountians and 4x4's says:

Great story as always casey. If you haven't already, do a story on the viper engine you bought. I feel like that fits in with your viper vibes as well.

Mike Zeke says:

Yay vinwikis Gretchen

Kyle Anderton says:

Was you in Commerce Georgia a few months ago I swear to God I saw this car the blue Dodge Viper

Jon Baker says:

I'd love to have a green with black dodge viper ACR

Ethan Shervanick says:

You made me remember why I wanted to be a car guy! When I was a little child, a bright yellow Camaro SS revved next to the school bus and everyone looked over at it. I decided I wanted to be that guy….

Now I’m a mustang dude lmao

Robsim says:

Casey you could have that same father, son experience! I'll even pay for the adoption process and remember, nobody ever said you couldn't adopt someone else who's 40! P.s. you weren't alive during TRD Nuggets Stranglehold days, neither was I and its right there were you and I share commonality! Daddy!

Robsim says:

You not what else besides tires is hard as a rock when it is 20 years old? A rock, get your minds out of the gutter you dirty's!!

Adam'sOutings says:

Casey, Boo-urns.

Dan Solo Chicago says:

I just learned to play Strangle Hold on guitar the other day. Not hard but takes a bit to play it right. Ted Nugent might be nuts but he sure could play guitar. He doesn’t sing by the way. Everyone thinks that’s him singing, it’s not.

Dan Solo Chicago says:

Cool is whatever gets you stoked. It’s never what someone else finds cool, I can tell you that.

BMCS Shop says:

Been waiting for a viper to find me since 1993

StereoSoundAgent says:

I love Casey's passion and appreciation for cars. Such a huge fan. Started following his channel religiously while I was still in college and sort of stopped when I got a lab assistant job and was just working my ass off all the time, and now I'm a scientist. He honestly helped inspire me to believe in what I was doing even if it was only through following his YouTube channel.

Rayman 1 says:

You know it's moments like this that remind me, how lucky I am to have grown up in Ohio. Seems like all these guys are from my State. Good people, laid back, just pure auto enthusiast! So Casey is from Toledo, got Doug from Twinsburgh, and one of the guest speakers who's friends with Ed out by me in Boardman( Youngstown). Not to mention, we do have the original Summit Racing in Tallmadge 10 mins from where I grew up. Also one last personal observation; the State Troopers. Ohio's infamous Silver Chargers are actually, IMHO, a much better sight to see in my rear view then the local cops. I can't tell you how many times Statie's have let me off with a warning or lowered the ticket! Its always the local cops that are asshats to me. Anyway, its always a pleasure hearing these stories. Maybe I'll run into Casey at the one of many car cruises this summer!

Al Ale says:

I got goosebumps when it came full head and u said u felt like the guys u saw when u were twelve. I had that same feeling the other day when cruising my classic. Havent owned her long.

Al Ale says:

Wow. I damn near shit myself when he said 31k$! I expected six figures

Jerry Miller says:

I always dug the directional rims the roadster had.

Jerry Miller says:

You and I are close in age. I love the Viper. It just has a really cool look and vibe. I used to watch, and found the complete series of the show "Viper". I just love the car.

Luke Snatchko says:

How do these guys remember these details? This channel is a parody of itself. Love it.

Stanimir Rankovski says:

Next chapter: The pickup "Viper" 😀

Nikki M says:

Eighteen Ted Nugent was my first car experience. I asked them to pay the gas on a 95 Ford Taurus,and they did 20$ gas. Thanks Bianci Honda in Erie,pa Free washes until I brought my 95 Accord through. They were real quick to recognize that wasn't a dealer sale car. Now that free car wash stall is a service stall. Good for them, we smoked so much weed in that carwash

fatpad00 says:

The '96 blue with white stripes is my great white buffalo. Idk how though. Affording it I could manage, convincing the wife? That's the hard part

Cody Adams says:

I live near toledo it's a shit hole

michael person says:

Viper not a super car

Final Inspection Auto Detailing says:

Just brought home my dream car last week. A blue with silver stripe 06 coupe. Absolutely love it

Kavinsky Smith says:

Casey for your one for projects, how about seeing if a second gen viper door will work on one of these? IE see if it can be converted so people can have working windows and door locks on a first gen RT/10, as I love the car but JESUS do you need that lol

Tim Stadler says:

Great story Casey, I loved how it circled back to you driving the car wearing a jacket like those two guys when you first saw one…enjoy it, I know you will

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