The Coupon Curator Spreadsheet

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Simple spreadsheet used to track coupons by category, brand and expiration dates.


Logan Silvers says:

Hello, could u send me the formula to do the expiration dates??

Ryan Bills says:

You must spend a lot of time with this……..

Here in Canada, we don't get a huge selection of coupons, so I just put them into a small 5*8 photo album… And I just use them when I see deals in flyers for them and revert to it every week… But, I live in a small city…

ciara santo says:

What is the formula for the expiration column?

FernaDaddy says:

@TheCouponCurator Thanks

FernaDaddy says:

Thanks…now if only I could remember the formula for changing the color of text for different variables.

FernaDaddy says:

How do you setup the expiration column? I haven't used spreadsheets in a while and have forgotten many formulas. Please let me know, this will help me get all my coupons organized.

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