The Coupon Queen

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While the most expensive item in your monthly budget is probably rent or a mortgage payment, a close second is food. But there are ways you can save huge amounts of cash on groceries each and every month.


rochelle123ist says:

And not a single fresh fruit or vegetables, also coupon clipping services and buying your coupons is illegal.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

too young to a coupon queen

jim kidman says:

i save 600 bucke last week im 38 year old guy just useing Coupon

spunsugar2002 says:

love it. My binder guides me. don't know how she does it using envelopes. nonetheless, 900 to nearly 200 is dang good. i just did a 400 to 12.00 trip on sunday. i walked out of there feeling like a stole the stuff. love it!!!

Demetria Spencer says:


I don't think you should be knocking her way of shopping. I'm considered to live in the poor bracket; and I think I'm going to adopt using more coupons. I'm already that way when it comes to a sale item ringing up at a different price. Most Americans are. Yeah, you may not like getting behind those people in the stores, but you can always go to another register!! She's just like most Americans.. trying to save money. Do you not have that issue???

melsbels461 says:

love the sites thanks

Dramaqueen4891 says:

Shampoo is always free at drug stores

jsrcamp says:

@Jack33Ta it all depends on what store you go to, like target will let you use a store coupon with a manafature coupon and latly they have been have certian things where if you buy 2 of say a 5 or 6 doller item you get a 5 doller gift card and say I have 2, 4.00 off coupon for both items I am only paying 2 dollers plus I get that 5.00 gift card back so they actulay paid me to take that item out of the store=) if you think befor you buy you can get things like that=) and CVS does the same thing.

Amanda Vadon says:

oh I LOVE couponing, best "secret" I I have found out about

aymie520 says:

LMAO if you only knew!! How about trying before you speak 🙂

waffleage says:

actually if u have a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon for the same thing they both work, plus store sales and double coupon days too ( i work in a pick n save

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