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How do you feel about the new IP coupon regulations?


Sara Cash says:

I stop printing a while back I just used what come in the paper and if I need more I just go to a klipping site

Freebie Lover says:

They are doing this one of two reasons. One. To cut down on coupon abuse and fraud and also because Now for example the new versions of chrome don't like certain coupon software.
The only changes to this is now you won't have to D/L printer software. Some coupon printing sites have already started this. They send you a code via text ( i have ever only had to "confirm" myself once) and than you go on your business. It's the same as before. 2 prints per I.P. address.
So it's not really all about coupon abuse but part of it is. They are making it easier so that we don't have to worry about their printing software and our browsers clashing as well as trying to cut down on coupon abuse. Because even though most of us do things right there are a few bad apples in the bunch that ruin it for us all and sell the same copy if the printable ( the top bar codes are all the same)
but don't worry nothing is gonna change it's all the same

cbklynfinest233 says:

I've had to do this for some time now. Thankfully I only print for myself most of the time. If I ever wanted to print more than two I would use my son's phone number. That works fine for me. I didn't know that people sold IP.

Stacie Disotell says:

I got my free inserts today from the giveaway awhile back. Thanks there were some I didn't have and don't get here👍😀

Tammy BringOnTheCoupon says:

I have printed coupons from and had to put in a cell number, it has not stoped me in anyway. IP sellers that may be a different story, but with all coupon changes there is always a way for someone to get around it if they really want to.

Stephanie Young says:

Actually earlier this year when I went to print from I had to provide a phone number. They texted me a code that I had the put in a box on their site before I could print. Now, I have always just used one device, my desktop, to print coupons so I don't know how it effects multiple devices. I still have no ink so I have not been on lately.

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