The Frugal Find Online Coupon Class: Where to get coupons

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Sunday Paper — The most valuable resources for coupons!

RP — Red Plum Insert
SS — Smart Source Insert
P&G — Proctor & Gamble Insert

Printable Coupons

eCoupons — These are coupons that you can load directly to your store club card.;jsessionid=1972C48981403AAB2E9DBA074FC564F9.a06

All You Magazine — $100+ dollars worth of coupons each month, plus frugal living articles, recipes & more! I love this magazine as it’s very family friendly.

All You Magazine — $19.95 per year (12 Issues) –

Entertainment Book — I can’t begin to stress enough how valuable this book is! The coupons vary by location, but I can guarantee you will make your investment back very quickly, typically with your very first coupon use.

2011 Entertainment Book — Deals vary from time to time, head on over to see the most current sale!

Catalina Coupons — You know those extra strips of paper you get with every receipt? Those are Catalina Coupons and often very valuable! They are issued randomly at time from manufacturers and other times they are a part of a promotion where if you buy a certain # or value of participating products you get a coupon for X amount to spend on your next shopping trip (OYNO Coupons).

Peelies — Found stuck to the product itself, designed to be used with that specific item at the time of purchase.

Manufacturer’s Websites – If I have a particular item that I love, often times I will simply go to their website to see if they have any coupons to offer. If not, then I will find their “Contact Us” link and ask for some, never hurts to ask! Often times I get very valuable coupons in the mail, just for asking!

Tearpad Coupons — Simply a pad of coupons that you can tear off from, typically stuck onto the front of a product display.

Blinkies — The little machines that spit out coupons and has a red blinking light.


trish Cochran says:

how can I get a entertainment book?

Ben Luepnitz says:

Scantopia, lots of coupons, add me LP-C35-6Q, we'll get even more coupons, and $

Ruthie Pople says:

I love couponing and get tons of free stuff

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