The Future of Tech Deals — Channel Changes & More — RTS July 6th, 2021

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Welcome to the RogueTech Show – Our Weekly News & Commentary on all things technology!
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Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
5:00 – How to fix Bios Black Screens
15:00 Try connecting via Hdmi to your TV
19:00 – Are the RTX 40 series GPUs launching in 2021?
40:20 – Can you use all M.2 Slots on your Motherboard?
1:45:00 -The Future of Tech Deals
2:37:00 – What is a wow upgrade from a Ryzen 7 1700 CPU
2:50:37 -Youtube Premium


onlycorner says:

whats wrong if i watch videos in 480p

Xukeepa x says:

Having a new host will always have a negative short term effect, people who does like the new host can not sub again while people who does not can make a measurable impact.
Having a new host is about expanding the channel in the long term attracting a wider range of viewers and retaining restless old subs, as long as the content quailty is on par the subs will come the views will come.

Solarized says:

Its also the algorithms. YT is still filtering up your livestream from 1 month ago vs newer content pieces. You aren't the only one experiencing this as some channels are already moving to split off and create one for livestream only.

Aside from the 10 or so in a row with the new presenter that didn't do well, actual view count was more or less the same and in some cases exceeded Tech on the videos 4 months ago.

Content after the livestream is low, then the next content after does a bit better, then the livestreams throw it off balance.

Up to you whether to play the algorithm game – it is not easy especially trying to monetize consistently but you just have to do what you think is best.

Also frustrating from viewer perspective for YT in general, how it recommends content on homepage is useless to me and I have to find content even from channels I'm subscribed to.

Edson TOTOZAFY says:

Hi Tech Deal. I Remember your 1060 3gb evga vs 1060 6gb like it was yesterday. I watched it so many times. Now im rocking a 3060Ti . Missed those kind of videos from you guys. Anyway keep on the good work

Tizita Hanson says:

Can't wait to crypto

Tommy D89 says:

I've been with your channel since 2016( rx470 video) yes please go back to your old style videos 2016-2018,simple but honest 😁😁🙏🙏🤔🤔wish ur guys the best,dont give up 💪💪

EF M says:

Muse was fun to watch. She will be missed.

Andrew Maxwell says:

Guys, I do agree that the channel moved away from the core base and I think I indeed moved away because of the new channels/presenters. We…well me at least, is here for you and your outstanding knowledge and your reminiscing (spelling?) about the past, your comparisons of hardware and your jokes about TimTams.
However, take this into account….people are going back to work now the lockdowns are over, that may well be the main reason.
OH, and I forgot to mention. I unsubscribed after a year mainly because I didn't want to see any of your videos come up in my feed. Why? Well, if I see the on my Youtube main page I just can't help myself. I ended up listening to them at work and it completely distracts me, I had to do it, forgive me, but I am back now 😀

Ben Hall says:

I will be honest, I unsubscribed about half a year ago because the channel wasn't making the same content that I originally fell in love with. After hearing that y'all are going back to that I am resubscribing 🙂
I had nothing against muse, but I am excited to see techdeals go back to the videos I loved 🙂

andrew30 says:

But this is normal, any tv presenter that leaves the audience drops and needs rebuilt, even TV programs like Doctor Who that’s been around 25 years. Online careers are sounding seriously grim at the moment.

Nate Millsap says:

Tech and Rogue, tough decisions, tough departures, but I think a right course direction. I have been a subscriber since 2016 and loved the "Hello, and welcome to Tech Deals" inviting me to watch a personal 20-30 minutes of detailed, geek out time. I remember watching a video right around the time you were about to hit 40k subscribers, and telling my wife that your channel was going to grow to over 100k and you were going to make it. Today, I love Tech Deals main channel, TNN, and Byte Size Tech. Rogue News, to me, needs to continue. Bring back content that you made that others didn't in quite the same way – air coolers, fans, memory, GPU comparisons, all at low- to medium-cost. Not always necessary to review top of the line.

One idea – you mention longevity of a build in almost every video. It would be great to see some "overhead" videos of testing an old system build you said would last three to five years (did it really get 3 years of life), tear it down (what does that thermal paste look like), and rebuild with the current market-equivalent build adjusted for inflation. Do you have to spend more money to get equivalent performance, or what can you get for the same amount of money today (2021) that you spent in 2018? Do you lose performance relative to your last build or can you still gain improvement at the same cost?

Looking forward to the future!

AceVenturaXii says:

Now I feel bad for not using the links 🙁

Logan Ebeling says:

I’ll chime in here – I stopped watching when the channel transitioned to mostly live streams. I loved the old videos – I remember the SSD comparison videos, graphics card testing videos, cpu testing videos. And then fun unique ones, like how to install windows, I think there was one on the external drive enclosures. I haven’t watched a single live stream, and miss that old content.
Figured I’d add my thoughts. Best of luck.

Redman g says:

Hey guys. As a revenue source have you thought of offering to division up in warships or tanks as a patreon level?

Cody Lynch says:

Muse was a great on camera person but it often just felt awkward with the core channel content. It felt like you guys were just experimenting with something or adding other stuff. I can see why the subs fell, people just worried the entire thing was changing to be different than they came for. She would be great doing her own sort of thing or her own kind of channel/content.

Alfred Thibodeaux says:

I wasn't feeling the "New Coke"; I learned how to build pcs watching you. When I want jokes I watch LTT.

qazxsw13 says:

Yeah, no offense intended, but I definitely prefer certain videos/content of this channel from a couple of years ago the most. It was a very pragmatic presentation style that's simple and informative, and YOUR demeanor made it easy to ingest. I feel the same way with Gamers Nexus, and lo and behold, I think yours and his channel are really the only tech channels I can personally stomach, since I come more for the information and insights, not really looking to be entertained, that's just me though.

Best of luck to you, I'll be keeping an eye out as I always have.

Jason McGrody says:

I think if you had Muse appear with you (either of you) in videos you would have been better able to integrate her in the channel, I think.

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