The Order To Use Coupons @ Dollar General Beginners Guide To Dollar General Couponing

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Hey guys! Here Is The Order To Use Coupons @ Dollar General. Hope it helps you get better at Dollar General Couponing.

This video is in my series Beginners Guide To Dollar General Shopping.


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lilmoma40 says:

So yu can use 3 off 15 and get 5off 30 in the same transactions

Jennifer Dudley says:

Thanks for the tip!! I'm New subscriber!!

mastljn j says:

I finally got to the Dollar General on the other side of town when I was out and got the 3 off of 15 survey on the bottom of the receipt. Cannot use it because it requires either ability to print it or email it to you and I got no phone to access email and no working printer. I did however get the 5 off of 25 for Saturday that I might just use. Hope they have the things in stock that they were out of when I was there yesterday.

Mery Channel says:

Hello christa thank you so much for ur help sometimes i see people said that u should scan item scan cp scan item scan cp so if i have the 3$ off 15 how can i do that ?
Sometimes i scan all the items & then hand the cashier the cp only the first cp scan the 2nd don't go through i don't know why even if the cp sayd limit of 4 or something like i hope u see my question
Thank you again for ur help

Ennicia S says:

Thx so much for breaking it down

Rachel Lynn says:

Man I really wish my digital is would work at Dollar General!

Rosaly Lopez says:

I have a question. I was told that if we use the digital coupons we are not allowed to use the manufacture coupons. Is this true?

berlinda briggs says:

thank you couldn't figure out why my 3/15 did not work and the cashier didn't know either

maria ramirez says:

The dial coupon 3 off of 2 works for travel size? Also why do you hand your manufacture coupons last after putting in your phone number? Ive been doing it before

Fanny James says:

Thank you Christa for your videos I enjoy watching them all the time, and I did the one scenario with the Gain and yes yes the 5off 25 came off and also the 5 off 30 as well. I still had the 5off 30 on my account.Christa you are awesome I appreciate you God bless and keep up the hard work you do πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Melissa Chochard says:

Yes…Christa….This is THE BEST VIDEO you've ever done….luv it…I look forward to them…πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ€πŸ₯πŸ‘ πŸŒΊ

Melissa Chochard says:


Georgette Hartley says:

hello Christa…first off i want to say thank you for all your help im a beginner and trying to learn still! today i went to my local dollar general and the cashier told me i needed to hit $25 after all my coupons were deducted in order to get the 5 off 25… is this true…i live in ohio so i dont know if it is a a ymmv thing or not about the 5 off 25

Polline Rodriguez says:

I wish we have dollar general here☹️☹️☹️

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

I did a $5 off $25.00 coupon today and for some reason the cashier said it came off but only $2.65 came off when I totaled it up? Just wondered if you happened to know why or if you have seen this happen before? Thank you, in advance for any information. πŸ˜€

jerimy clonch says:

finally found the trial size dial

K OConnell says:

I was at Dollar General today to do the $5 off $30 Gain deal. I only had the digital coupon for it. When I put in my phone number, it took off all the other digital coupons first, which brought my total below $30, so it wouldn't take the $5 off. Is there anyway to get around this?

anna campbell says:

Great video

shayla wright says:

Geez, the last cashier that I dealt with said we couldn't accept paper coupons after she's pushed total because it "messes up the total". πŸ™„

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