These fast food apps give you free food and discounts just for signing up

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Many fast food and fast casual restaurants offer incentives to customers for downloading their mobile apps. Here are a few of the deals you can find when you download apps for places like Taco Bell, Burger King, Sonic and more.


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Henry Cintigo says:

Hey guys. Check out my survey on a product that might make eating out for you less time consuming and efficient:

Eunae Kim says:

For once, here's a method of getting free food that is moral and legal!

deleted account says:

I am really hungry and tired of eating this junk in my house lol my mom doesn't leave any money home when she goes to work. I am really craving something rn and I been trying to look stuff up all day… hopefully this works.


hi ,
do these apps charge delivery charges

Zack The AT-ST Pilot says:

Not virus, we promise. (Lenny)

Becky G says:

I have so many emails so I'm gonna keep doing this

Kristen Eckel says:

free burito from moe's too

Nicolas Duque says:

1. create an account on each of those apps
2.get the free food.
3. repeat steps 1 and 2

jake4569 says:

Get the quicktrip app for free food sometimed

Junior Jobson says:

116,198 subscribers but only 350 views and 31 likes. it saddens me

Meek Gaming says:

1st comment

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