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a small sample of being savvy in getting things for free try yourself go to
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FTC- I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or designers to make this video. The views in this video are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies.


Riches of Knowledge says:

great video! I'll try using two coupons for the same purchase and see how it goes. Thanks

stephyclaws says:

very cool!! I subscribed 😘 xx

Becky White says:

My coupons always get rejected with asda they did the same last night

Jiggy SEO says:

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Avacado Socks says:

Omg we live in the same town 😂

Joshua Fearn says:

it OK video

Paige Kavanagh says:

Lysfm your amazing and your lucky to get all these vouchers xxx ps love your cat plz make more videos with him xx

Paige Taylor says:

You can ask for samples of anything at Lush for free, like soap, facemasks and skincare😊

Freedomthinker forever says:

i love your cat, I used to have one like that but he died😢

Freedomthinker forever says:

your mum is class 😘

Heidi Lewis says:

Where do you find all these coupons?

Storms Are Here!! says:

HEYA!!!! i just found ur channel!!! i just LIKED and SUBBED!!! hope u can come to my channel and leave some love!!!! thanks a lot!!!xo💙💚❤️️💛💜xo

Kerry white says:

what's one stop?? some kind of app or something, please do a video on what all magazines you collect your coupons from, thanks.

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