Thrifty Talks: Why I stopped couponing + how to save without clipping coupons!

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I’m back with another thrifty talk on how to save money! Couponing does take a lot of your time but I’ve mastered a way to save without clipping one coupon! Please like, comment and subscribe!

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SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

a couponer shops at clearance without coupons.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

Your not couponing if your buying stuff you don't need.

Ikester Reno says:

Thank you. Very sound advise. I don't do extreme couponing. I'll do coupons ONLY on items we use extremely often. I save money by opening an IRA, 401k,4O3B,HSA accts et . The younger you start, the bigger the incentives. 💸🐜🐜

Janet says:

Really good advice. I live in Manhattan and the CVS stores don't do the flier sales. They don't do most of the best deals. I would have to go to Brooklyn to do them. That is $5.50 RT. I factor that into the savings with train time and it is not worth it. I don't shop for points/ECB. I shop for my needs. I only print the coupons for items I would get anyway. I have several CVS stores and 1 close Rite Aid. I compare prices on things I use and with coupons try to get the best deal. Sometimes the CRT's make it better at CVS. Thanks again.

Antionette Harris says:

Another helpful awesome video

Fab Chic Girls says:

that was awesome great tip going to try this I have family of 5 big savings

IKandai1 says:

this is great advice! i want to coupon but i dont want to have to fight with the store to use them. the stockpile groups would alleviate this problem.. Is your group for your area only? if not can you add me?

natural_eye_am says:

Yes, I do this! I didn't know about the groups though! I've gotten so many cleaning/toiletry sets! Could you add me to the stockpile group?

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