Tips for Saving Money at Expensive Grocery Stores (No Coupons Required)

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Here are some of my most utilized tips for saving money on groceries. This is a no coupon video.

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Tammie Gainey says:

Exactly the way I shop too. I always look for mark down meats. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Goulet says:

What happened to your hand/wrist hun?

Olga A says:

Thanks Mary for the great tips!!!!

Divabaybe Emily Thomas says:

thanks for sharing 🙂

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

I always stock up on my meat when our Kroger has buy a pack of pork chops get one free etc

BBW Laura says:

thank you Mary for sharing. this is great . hope the hand. is getting better. thanks as always for sharing your great. tips n ideas.

Christa Coupons says:

Mary, would you mind if I ask you a question. As I told you last week I have a couponing channel. I do not shop at Rite Aid a ton, just when there are really hot deals. Some are saying they are getting overage at RA but mine always has adjusted the price of the coupon to the price of the item even if I have other items. I referred to the RA policy and as I understand it they do NOT give overage? Did I misunderstand the policy? By the way I love your channel. I think you have the best info and you are such an inspiration!

La Tatitu says:

Mil gracias Mary, en esto es en donde más se me va el dinero.

Lissa Crane says:

Love the cat! LoL!

Alejandra Brito says:

I love this tip. How's your hand doing Mary?

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