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Hope you guys enjoy! πŸ™‚ ❀

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MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife says:

Great Deals Emma !!! Big Hugs =)

Haseeb Shafiq says:

I hope i find some downy for $1.99!!

elaine michael says:

Be careful of some walmarts as they are not giving free coupons for free. They make you pay the tax on the regular price even if the coupon says free. They told my husband it was a government thing and that they could not override to free as the government had control of there machines. We contacted the company issuing the free coupons and they said that it should be free. My opinion is some canadian walmarts are ripping people off. Just a warning.

Fernando&Colleen's Adventures says:

Love the the Car …

MakeupMunchiesandMore says:

Again, I can't believe how much money you've saved πŸ‘πŸ» Do you have an "Extreme Couponers"-type stockpile in your home? If so, that would make an awesome video!! TFS πŸ™‚

Brenda Cowell says:

you are so.. sweet and so.. helpful

Brenda Cowell says:

I try to be very polite, smile and ask nicely,

Brenda Cowell says:

yes I see watching it now, very easy. I get it now. I have Google, Firefox and explore net. so I'm good now. So our store are getting ridiculous. They want the expire dates highlighted, I did stand my ground and asked the clerk to scan, 2 dove at a time. I paid . 76 cents for 2. There was a lady behind me. Shoppers allowed her to get 2 of the Dove shampoo. She had more coupons but they where closing in 4 minutes they said

Brenda Cowell says:

Thank You! okay, I will watch your video. I do recall, you said there was a video about multiple printing. Sorry, I'm not very technical. I need to educate myself on how to use multiple browser. Thank You!

Brenda Cowell says:

Hi, how are you able to print multiple coupons? We where denied at our shoppers to use more than 2 of the Dove coupons. They said you can not photo copy coupons either.

Lorna F says:

Free Unstoppables!! Lucky!!!

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