Top Five Biggest Coupon Savings | Extreme Couponing

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Find out the biggest coupon savings in 2011!

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KingVamp 101 says:

"Your total is $1,203.89 do you have any coupons?"
(Shows entire bag of coupons)
"Well fuck my life"

Stromboli says:

If I was a cashier I'd quit right away

Caroline Peak says:

The girl who was number 2 was on the show another time and I saw her get her price down to -$0.36. The store owed her money.

billy boi says:

Those grocery stores got F I N E S S E D

Brandon Cater says:

coupon game on fleek

Leah Boo says:

The last one got me shook

Go Film Yourself says:

If thats not the art of finessing idk what is

Sean Harilall says:

The stores practically gave away there stuff

FarmerManDan says:

How the fuck do you buy $1,700 worth of food jesus

SuperNinja187 says:

That coupon game is fucking raw

Reema Gupta says:

What are they even buying?

sara welch says:

I feel poor now

what962 says:

Love how idiots said fake. had a group project as a team in economics and instead of doing that stupid fake stock market we did real life economics. we went group project 2188.18 cent total. Down to 0000.01 $. yeah 1 penny,but that was a group of 30+1 teacher. He did it to different stores for 5 classes we did the best i think 2nd was 1789$ to 5 bucks. we gave all the food away to rack up nearly 20+ hours community services  That guy here is like 3 people who put 2k to 0. that is amazing. granted we didn't go during the best time.

SJF Inc says:

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

Sheila Farmer says:

not fake you can do it i have.just have to stack your coupons w/a store coupon. be prepared to be there 5/hours at least and go with a list and check the stores policies every time you go. two of my stores double and 1 store even triples depending on when you go. you shouldn't knock it till you give it a try. at least it will save you some money right?

Tom Pouce says:

what a bunch of OCD retards…

martin27 says:

them savings huge as shit

Anja M. says:

Will someone please take the time and explain me how this couponing works? I´m from Denmark where it don´t exist… :o)

An extremely nice guy says:

Oh how I love fake television. 

LydiannaBella says:

I live in Quebec, Canada. Our stores won't double coupon and they limit the numbers of coupons for the same item at 3, 🙁

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