UK Couponing with the family! £139.37 Shop down to £13.10

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Come with us couponing where we manage to get £139.37 worth of items for only £13.10 in UK Supermarkets!

For the latest coupons in the UK visit

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SimplyEleanor 17 says:

Do u not feel cheeky when u do this?? I find it quite rude if I'm honest sorry it's just my opinion x

salah gasme says:

Get a TESCO Shopping Voucher Now!

Teddies, Dolls And Robots says:

Hey,do you go To Galleons Reach Tesco?

Star Perry says:

Brilliant video cld you just explain how you get the coupons x

Sam s says:

How do i sign up to free coupons

stephyclaws says:

Amazing channel! just discovered you and subscribed!! xx

Laura Loo says:

please it's tesco not tescos xxx

asdona mur says:

Holly, you are lucky your husband like shopping 🙂 most men hate it

Belinda Cooper says:

I am beginning to think that all this couponing isn't possible because I have been trying for a while to find coupons and it just seems there aren't any ?

Kimberley Holloway says:

u will always get the check thing as u scan and then remove things

disney 1989 says:

I must must must start using coupons

Christina Dale says:

Just watched this video, you rock Holly!Beginner to all this & really could do with a boost of knowledge xx

Emma Keene says:

Hiya i am a single mummy and I normally stop in Tesco, Iceland and the pound shops and desperately need help in getting started on couponing. E.g. what are the rules and where to get the coupons. I normally rely on deals and the voucher that Tesco send out but that is normally only £3-£4. I hate that for any wee days away I normally have to save for like two to three weeks and that is just if it is a beach trip. So any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you so so much in advance.

Saphron Smyth says:

could you please do a coupon vlog

Zara Jones says:

It's a good chance to save some money on our shopping love to take benefit from this offer.Thanks for sharing.

freeflightfeathers says:

I seriously need to start coupons, I like to send parcels over to African families with food, shoes, toys and footwear but as I am not rich, I am limited to what I can send. I am recovering from cancer and I love to receive pictures of the family opening the boxes I send. I have days where I can be asleep from 18 – 28 hours! but am sure that I can research on my good days. 😊

EmilieTopia HD says:

Nice video! Just subscribed! Do you mind checking out my channel?

PremiereToys says:

Great Video! Liked and Subscribed.

The Life Of Nikki Marie says:

Great video! Thanks for posting

Scott Sutherland says:

seen your program tonight on. channel 4 wowwwww amazing

Sofia S says:

Hi! Thank you for your videos. Have you Done any videos of couponing for beginners in the UK? I'm moving to London this autumn and I'd like to start couponing when I get there.

lisa rogers says:

Love it thank you 😃👍

George Rattray says:

How do you get your coupons

xJemma x says:

Where can I get a scanner from? x

Kenzpiration says:

Check out my video 🙂

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