Upcoming Walgreens Coupon Deals (7/6-7/12)

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To see the deals shared in the video, click this link –

In this video, I share with you a few of the *HOT* upcoming in-store deals that you’ll be able to score next week at Walgreens (7/6-7/12). You will be able to save BIG on beverages, Tide detergent and more!

Why am I sharing these deals early? Well, many of these deals require printable coupons and as you likely know, popular printable coupons never seem to stick around for long and that’s the reason for the video. So… watch the video first, then get your coupons printed and clipped (while they are available!) and you’ll be prepared for the deals next week! 🙂

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Theresa says:

Did I miss something?  I can't find your store deals anymore?????  I just love your updates on the weekly deals!!!

lilyashagirl says:

Aren't you Back from your Awesome Vaca??? Where's your Videos Girl??? We Miss Youuuuu!!!!

Adrienne Garcia says:

Where did you go? I miss your videos.

spontos26532 says:

hey so i just checked Walgreens lol and they just happened to have the same thing going on now! so i printed out the coupons, but i had to print it once straight from the website and i had to email myself the other one n print it from the link. Is this how you can print two per computer???? when i hit the back button it didn't work….. (this is the first time i print out coupons). Super exited i will be going to Walgreens tomorrow morning 😀

Silver Grabber says:

When people stock up on food and drinks…like for prepping prepartion…what do you do about experation foods? Expiring foods and drinks..how do you prepare for that?

Military Steals says:

We want another video!

Qponr4Life says:

We miss you please make a new video for tatget

kalilauren01 says:

Hope all is okay! haven't seen a new video in a few weeks! 🙁

Natajsha Gonzalez says:

No new target video 🙁

Michelle W says:

where have you been I have been looking forward to watching your videos they are soo helpful!

Jessica Beek says:

Do you have one for this or next week?

Heidy Marquez says:

Oh no what happened? You haven't uploaded a new video in weeks! Hope everything is well

Onur Gundas says:

Where do you live

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