UPDATE – Kenner Subway Restaurant Coupons

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UPDATE Kenner Subway Restaurant Coupons


!rC says:

Cry bitch…. They only responded because you went "public" like a childish bitch, trying to control small biz owners with pub humiliation. Read my comment on the other vid, would really like a response to such childish public rants

Rob B says:

Is her name Maria? I believe that is her name. This bitch argued on her cell phone with me over a $2 coupon for an hour and just said, "sorry I don't accept coupons". I had an issue with a coupon that was printed on the receipt at the one on Williams near Vets. I spoke and emailed this cheeky bitch to no avail. Oh, but she replied back with sorry, I can't help you. It had me so peeved about her actions, that I stopped buying any subways there…that's been close to 3 years. I will travel to Metairie to get a sub or po-boy at Short Stop (Trans & Airline). For the price of these lousy under a foot garbage sandwiches, I can get a real roast beef with gravy for $2 more and will feed another person. We live in po-boy land, so why are so many people spending their money on high-priced junk sandwiches from subway?

yumi luv says:

Happened to me in Colorado a couple years ago, too.  Had to go to another subway.  I told the person who denied my coupons how stingy he was. He was the owner and then I left. I doubt it did much good.

Kaidec0910 says:

I have friends in Kenner & can't wait to relay the good news!

john smith says:

This is really good news. Glad corporate brought the hammer down on her.

msyahwey4ever says:

Good job but you deserve ten feet free at least!! 🙂

joe snyder says:

absolutely awesome

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