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Just wanted to keep you guys informed of those coupons. It does clearly state that all 3 of those Wet N Wild Coupons are ONLY good at Walgreens stores in the USA & Puerto Rico. You can not use this coupon at CVS or any other store.

Sorry for any confusion earlier. Thank you Qaz Qaz and everyone for helping out on this matter!

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doreene mabazza says:

I used it at Walmart yesterday for the mascaras and it went through ok. Did not beep.

Reina Juarez says:

Thank You Luellen for letting us know. Very appreciated .. Have a Good Night..

Heidi Talley says:

Thanks for the update

VinTroFlo says:

Wow! Thanks for the update! I'd have probably never noticed that, since it says manufacturers on the top and doesn't have the funny little barcode. Thank you thank you!

Mayp813 says:

This would be great but the Walgreens in my area doesn't take printed coupons😞

Vanessa Hernandez says:

Oh wow. I guess we gotta read all the small letters then. Thank you for the person who caught that

Nesh Yuya says:

Lol 😂 you are not the only one confused 🤷‍♀️ I’d watch more than one channel today all where confused 😂😂😂😂

M E says:

Boo! Miss Luellen I saw these and saw, "Manufacturers Coupon" and thought it was a go to use them anywhere :-/ I haven't printed them yet as out of ink so didn't look closer into the fine print but a big thanks for the info. 💕💕 I was trying this morning to let people know about them in hopes to utilize them at CVS next week. Hugs your way! 💗 Machele

karen jones says:

hi, luellen – thanks for clarifying. make merry! ~k

Sheila Daves says:

Thank you and have a very blessed day tyfs

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