Using Coupons For Food Storage & Prepping! My first time experience!

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Hi folks, I had a very exciting time today trying out using coupons to grow my food storage! This is the holy grail to excellent prices on brand name items made in America!! Come check out my haul and see what you think! I know there are many seasoned couponers out there who may have some tips and insights here. I was a coupon virgin until today and I think I am now potentially a coupon addict!! Down the rabbit hole I go!!!!! 🙂 Come check it out 🙂

This is a great way to get started on a food storage supply especially when the budget is small and times are tough.

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂

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Bobby C. says:

I'll bet, they love seeing you walk through the door Ha-ha
I will give you this though. You are very thrifty….!/!

HealthyPrepper says:

But then you have empty cupboards if the SHTF.

Bobby C. says:

The "trick is"….`BUY` only what you normally use!!!!!!!! Then you will "REALLY" save money.

LivelyTerry says:

Brendshere: Can you post some of those youtube links for us on coupling, or message me? Thanks!

HealthyPrepper says:

I think I was the last person on earth to figure out how fabulous this couponing thing really is 🙂 Now I am hooked 🙂

Rhonda Stephens says:

I love couponing…especially at CVS! The extra care bucks are the best. The key is to roll them, and get lots of freebies! I always buy toilet paper and paper towels when they have the spend $30 get back $10 ecbs!

HealthyPrepper says:

How true!! I thought couponing would be "painful" or "embarrassing" but it has turned out to be a blast and a a new world full of support, kindness and encouragement 🙂 This is better than sliced half off…with a coupon and its on sale!

Leona Rodriguez says:

And so your coupon adventure begins 🙂 have fun!

Emma Sorce says:

welcome to the wonderful world of couponing 🙂

Emma Sorce says:

welcome to the wonderful world of couponing 🙂

HealthyPrepper says:

Thanks brendahere! It's funny, I have resisted to whole coupon thing for years and now and learning the baby steps. What fun so far! I totally forgot about the green tag – must get that 🙂
This is such a great way to build the prepper pantry up 🙂 Appreciating greatly any and all tips 🙂

brendahere says:

welcome to my world! I'm using deals to gain short term and long term items.
You need to go to cvs web site and print off their policies and fully understand them.
sign up for the beaty club and link your card to a email address.
Also get a green tag did I over whelm you?
I'm sending you a bunch of great people on youtube. they will show you step by step how to get the current weeks deals AND be ready for the following week.
Take advantage of the research others have done.

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