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On this day, mom and the kids share our recent homeschooling
adventure. It was the time of the year when the old books are packed
and returned in preparation of the new school year.
It is also the arrival of the new school year curriculum,
which we will cover on another video.

This type of homeschooling is actually an online school also known
as virtual academies.
Texas Virtual Academy in this case. (TXVA)

As part of the preparation for this new school year we are also
rearranging our class room and replacing or upgrading some essential
equipment, such as personal computer equipment, printers, and furniture.

We are adding a new laser printer this year, which will also help mom with her coupon printing and essentially help with the new budget.
The new printer is a Brother HL-L2380 DW black and white laser printer.
This is an upgrade to the Epson XP-410 color ink jet printer, which
has been a very expensive printer to operate, mainly because of the amount of ink
cartridges it goes through through out the year.

Mom does a small section in this video showing an unboxing and set up of the new printer.
She also demonstrates an actual printing of coupons, straight from an iphone, directly to the new printer via WiFi.

Mom decided on getting a 24 inch TV to be used as a monitor for
her mini Apple computer.
The TV turned out better than expected for the price paid.
It is an Insignia 24 LED TV 1080p from BestBuy
Model NS-24D510NA17 with dts Sound.
Price was about $90.

Mom is also trying out a new desk this year.
It is Ikea’s MICKE series desk with double drawer.

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Do u have to do PE in Txva

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And was that k12

Donny Nguyen says:

Was the books free

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