#VLOG: How to get free coupon for NAVER MUSIC

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I’m Tinanthy Rosse Santosa (1165030199)
This VLOG is made for Speaking for Specific Purposes assignment
After a long time and so many challange, finally I finish this VLOG

I hope this VLOG will help you to get free couponㅋㅋㅋ
Thanks for watching☆


Zipporah Daniel says:

hey do you have a twitter? I have questions about naver that's I'd like to ask about via dms. please if you do reply!! pretty please. thank you 💜

Multi-Fandom Kpop-Stan says:

thank you for this LoVe

Lilo Nina says:

😢😢😢😢Thank you soooo much 💗💗💗you saved me😍

Haeun Kim says:

thank you very much for the tutorial!!! Kamsahabnida^^ Oh.. yeah I have a question do you have to wait another 1 month to get another one??

Z n says:

Thank you for this tutorial

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