Wait… What? P&G Limits Tide Coupons

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Kim Brown says:

Tide coupons haven't been in our P&G since 2016. Want us to go print at website.
NOW , we can't print. We have to send to a loyalty card. We don't have any of the stores they post to send them to.
I wrote them…heavy sigh… maybe in the future , they said , our stores will be one that we can use. very doubtful… 1 stores is an Aldis, Walmart… cough, Ruler, Martin's.( which I think there are 2 types of Martins) She said a loyalty card is easier for customers…
I want my printable back, or put in the flyers…I told her I will just go organic, make my own laundry soap…
they are making it harder and harder to be brand loyal.

Miss Enderman says:

No tide, Downy ,Gain inserts in Connecticut.

teresa goin says:

No tide coupons in New Mexico for about a year now and only 1 print per device every 30 days.

Traveler Family says:

I am glad I don't have to print I still get mines in the insert.

Jacqueline Andrews says:

I don't get the coupons in my area 😔😔

juls jewels says:

I live in northwestern PA halfway from Pittsburgh and Erie. The Erie paper  did not have coupons in it but the Pittsburgh paper did.

Caitie Regan says:

In Southeastern PA I haven't gotten tide coupons for ages. Ugh.

Vernice Dennison says:

That sucks. Ink is too expensive, I try not to print too much

BadWolf 757 says:

Glad I do not use Tide. I think we are still getting them in VA. We should set up a share system.

Robin Perdue says:

It's not even 2 coupons you can print. You only get ONE print per account/device. I have a desktop and a laptop so i had to make 2 separate accounts to log into just to get 2 of each coupon.

michellesfrugallivin says:

When ever they first started doing that it happened to me and I haven't seen of the coupons in the P&G since then. :

Jeanette P says:

I have a couple of regional papers in my area, and certain regions have always been like that.

Laura Lehman says:

I'm in the same boat as lraredon1983 here in Missouri.  It's been forever since I remember getting these coupons in the newspaper.  I only purchase the Tide pods for my niece in college, and use the digital coupon at Dollar General.  Heck with the liquid if they are going to make it so difficult.

zoraho says:

Not a test in Washington state! We haven't seen tide in forever.

Sher v says:

Yup, happens all the time where I am now…. I found when it first started, I had to go through all the different papers to find which one had the whole pg.. then even that stopped. I just use mostly other detergents instead. I feel its false advertising and wrong..,if it says save $80 then it should per paper!

s walls says:

tide gone off of p&g website

Brandy says:

I'm in Indiana and we haven't had them in probably a year 😩😩😩 why P&G?! Why!? 😢 I can only print one tide from my computer and haven't been able to print from my phone.

clicksandcrochets says:

Tulsa never gets tide/gain coupons, or garnier, L'Oréal, maybelline, etc either. Our paper just down right stinks!

lisa p. says:

I'm starting to think P&G is testing areas and wanting to phase out coupon inserts and lean toward online printing and digital. That is one way to knock out printing cost and lower coupon fraud. I would only be concerned if all manufacture coupon inserts would be eliminated from newspaper.

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