Wal-Mart Double Coupon Haul

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The Wal-Mart in my town will double coupon on Wednesdays. some of us will go at midnight to do this to get the deals. IT’s crazy I know! This was a great haul. I haven’t done one in a long time.

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Juanita Rios says:

U should have someone hold ur camera while the transaction is taking place

Julia Guerra says:

not a very good explanation at all 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Kimberly McNeill says:

Never knew Walmart would coupon

Josefine Johansson says:

i love this video and i live in sweden we dont have walmart XD

Nesh Yuya says:

I don't know how this video can help since Walmart don't double cupons 😂

Falyn&Midnight says:

does one coupon double for all the pasta sauce u get or do u have to have a coupon for every cab of sauce? like let's say u get 10 cans of sauce do u have to have 10 coupons? and how do u know if it doubles?

NewYorkFreeStyleNailz&Glitz says:

Hi sweetie new subbie hope u subbie bk.. I just luv how all use lady's do this can u please let me know how can I do the same and where can I get these types of coupons.. tsmfs hun xoxoxox with lots of luv stay blessed now n always.😄 😊 😇 💖 💞 💓 💅 👍 💋. .

Pithy Vann says:

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Too Blessed To Be Stressed says:

I found the rainbow chevron patterned 31 bag (the smaller one you put the filing bag into) at a thrift store. Clearly the person just thought it was a bag because it was $3 marked at 50% off. Lol There's only hubby and I so its my "can bag" when I grocery shop. Otherwise, I reuse the bags from previous shopping. I never take new bags anymore. When they are gone, I have reusable ones to replace them with.

Sammi Prepper & Bushcrafter is NUTZ! says:

I just love your channel and have subscribed and would love it if you could pop over to mine and sub to me aswell :))))))

Shakah Khan says:

They just took your list and didn't question where you were getting competitor prices?

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