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Thank you so much for watching!! 🥰

📝 Printable List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vJLkJV8yiGWLM_FNbc9TE-NvetXvU_fsMJVQfkjWhw0/edit?usp=sharing

Your first option is to buy the Sunday newspaper! But if your region doesn’t get very many good coupons, you have the option to order them online!

I get my inserts from BQ Savings! https://bqsavings.com/?ap_id=couponswithalysia
Use code “CouponswithAlysia” for 10% off your first order. BQ Savings is amazing! I’ve never had any issues and my inserts come super fast and early!

Another fairy that I recommend is Kristina Sanchez.
You can join her Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/440480223461728/?ref=share
She doesn’t ship early, but I’ve ordered from her a lot and she is super affordable and reliable!

If you need clipped coupons, I recommend these two places..


Ibotta ➡️ https://ibotta.risj.net/j4DrP
Fetch Rewards ➡️ https://fetchrewards.onelink.me/vvv3/…
Fetch code: V2JVW
Swagbucks ➡️ https://swagbucks.7eer.net/ZnWPQ
Shopkick referral code ➡️ COOL826887

Tiktok- couponswithalysia
Instagram- couponswithalysia

✉️ Business inquiries: couponswithalysia@gmail.com

*This description does contain some affiliate links that I will get a small commission for. If you use them, thank you! 🥰

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NoNeed ToReply says:

Hi. Question. In order to use a RR do you need an item to attach? Or does it count as cash?? 🤔 💵


New to Walgreens, thank you for this very much appreciated… With the Walgreens cash can we build it up or will we loose it in so many days? Also what is a booster? I hear so much about it on videos and ask about it bit I dont gwt a response back. Understandable as this is a busy life for all of us.

Janice Medley says:

Just went tonight and did the 20 get 5. I had a 4 register reward so it was FREE! Thank you so much! 😁 it was on the shampoo!

doris Gilbert says:

I just went on coupons. Com the Bic razors weren't on there. I'll try bic.com

Tony Johnson says:

How many times can you do the razor deal per account?

purpletoni22 says:

I did the shampoo deal with an in store pick up so I could check the math. I came to $21 subtotal then the coupons came off. It showed an estimated reward of $5.32 but never credited. I called customer service and they said it’s the subtotal after the coupons. Still kinda new to this. But don’t remember having that trouble with the other deals I’ve tried.

Savan Kor says:

How do you use the store coupon enjoy $5 off your next purchase skincare product. Is it like a RR

Ivonn Torres says:

Hi Alysia, thank you for sharing your videos, I really appreciate them. If I do the buy20/get5 shampoo deal, am I able to do it multiple times if they are separate transactions, or is it a one time only type of deal? Also, once I use a booster, does it disappear from my clipped coupons? Thank you for sharing your knowledge ☺️

Amanda Gabaldon says:


aranacarola says:

Girl yesterday I put in my moms number but the cashier chose the wrong account. So I didn’t get my booster WC and my digitals didn’t come off it was a mess. Usually I just contact customer service but two different people told me to go return everything in person and then the cashier told me to reach out to customer service. I got back $37 back in Walgreens cash but my Catalina didn’t print so it was still a MM but it was a head ache

Heidi Talley says:

Great Walgreens deals and haul 💯💖🛍

Danielle Nicole says:

cool. imma try this. wish me luck – from tiktok btw

Jamie McKown says:

Does anyone know if you use RR during a transaction are you still able to receive RR if they qualify at the end?

Honey Hey says:

Yasssssss 😍😍😍

Thania Chavez Olvera says:

On my app, I am able to see the BOGO deal + $1 off for the dove body wash.

Winter dodd says:

Can only use 1 of the impress nails coupon. Can't use a coupon on a free item.

Andrea Garsia says:

Is anyone having a problem with the bic printable coupons? Mine are not wanting to scan at Walgreens for some reason.

Ale Freyre says:

Walgreens never prints my register rewards it gives me a headache all the time

Sierra Ralston says:

Your Suave digital didn't come off because you used a register reward.

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