Walmart Canada gives me a $30 coupon promo code every now and then. Try it yourself😉

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I’ve used their coupon promo codes a handful of times over the past couple years. I just installed the Walmart app, created an account, and opted in to their email newsletters. Then, just wait.

Every now and then, they email me free credits to
use. Feel free to give it a try and let me know if you get free money, too 🙏✨💰✅

This is not sponsored. Just sharing what helps me. ☺️


Want $30?
Sign up to Rakuten with my link and we each get $30 (Thank you in advance!):

Then, keep getting paid when you shop online at stores like Amazon, AliExpress, Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, etc. (it’s called Rakuten cashback rewards and we might as well get paid for things we will buy anyways, right?).

If you want to learn more about how it works, I made a video to explain it:



Broke But Bougie says:

Tony! Love this video. The intro is energetic and makes me excited to watch the rest. I like how short it is too. Also I had no idea Walmart has an app!

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