WALMART COUPON DEALS & FREEBIES | 10/11 – 10/17 | Grocery Deals, Household Products & More!

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WALMART COUPON DEALS & FREEBIES | 10/11 – 10/17 | Grocery Deals, Household Products & More!

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CleanCutCouponing says:

Are you new to couponing? Here's a helpful spot for you!

11xAunt says:

None of the summers eve worked for me.

PJ Palmer says:

Awesome info as always. Hope to do a Wal-Mart run. Have a blessed rest of the week!

Davia Taylor says:

Ibbotta isnt nice to me. Scan and it throws me out the app

Kateland Ackerman says:

The dates are in the trail mix section of my store. 👍😃

Marcie LeRoy says:

What state or region do you live in? I don’t get the same Ibotta offers as you. I figure out ways to use the ones I have by watching what you do. Thanks for the video have a great week!

J T says:

🙂🙂🙂🙂 love all the freebies

Seanne Jones says:

👋 You amaze me with these back to back videos!!! ❤

L Slimes says:

Ajax is only $.40 on i bots not a dollar anymore

my nguyen says:

Shop kick is offering 200 kicks for the celestial tea as well.

Pam Stewart says:

my Persil ibotta offer decreased to $1.50 also🤔 Just finished my $10 bonus 😊😁

Sara Lahnum says:

Thank you for all of the information. I appreciate it

Susan Barros says:

Love your beautiful makeup…


Where would i find the celestial tea? I looked at the section where all the teas and coffees are, but I didn’t see any🙁 tia

Adele Bussiere says:

Hi thank you for the videos I watch them all the time I have learned much from you I wondered if sometime you could do a video just on these apps how to use them and how to collect from them I have had so much problems I seem to have to replace my phone's more often than the average person I'm sure it's the user however everytime I change phones I have to download my app again it does not carry over my total but does seem to recognize that I have been a customer before so it doesn't give me the initial sign-up fee if there is one running at the time also I have never been able to collect from any of them fetch Ibotta or check 51 thank you

christine malone says:

The dates r gone on checkout 51☹️☹️

Amy Stotts says:

The Summer's Eve offer says the scents it works on… They're all new scents. Girl, slam those things in your purse for when a bathroom is out of tp or when the kiddos have to potty. 🤣

I'd love to find those wafers but the only walmart here that has them is a 25 minute drive and I only go there when the deals at Target draw me in. That's the closest Target to me as well.

Love that color on you!

Etta Williams says:

Have you tried the gluten free wafers?

Melissa Darling says:

I scanned all the summers eve on the shelf and absolutely nothing worked. Would have been a great freebie. 😕 Thank you for sharing 😊🙏🏽

Etta Williams says:

Great deals at Walmart. Thanks for sharing.

J e n n i J o n a e S n i p e r says:


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