Walmart Grocery Shopping 10/21/16 | I bought food :)

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Hi Friends I went shopping last night and thought I would share my meat saving tips for this shopping trip. 🙂

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Nicole Guerra says:

love H.E.B 🖒

Kat Morgan says:

You should do a cooking with Toni over the holidays

Jessica Kimbrough says:

Libby's are 2/$1 in dollar general

Aaliyah Ivonne says:

Hi Toni enter me in the contest ty

Jessica Dillon says:

Quick Question Toni – when price matching at walmart – when quoting another store whether by circular or online – do they give you just 1 price match? Is there a limit when price matching. Like for example – Meat – you purchased 2 chopped. is there a limit of 2 for price matching? Is it by the description of the walmart in terms of how many?? thanks in advance!!!

Gina P. says:

Toni,question haven't done price matching so how do you do it,do youvtake the meat into the customer service then have the add to price match it?or you can do it in the register?

HealthyGemini says:

Nice haul Toni! Take your hand and press that ground beef flat please:) it saves so much time defrosting and saves so much space. You will never go back to doing it any other way I promise . It's something pretty about new groceries in the fridge 😍

001pembroke says:

Any chance of your hubby doing a video of him making his delicious cornbread?

Keishly N Elvis says:

Love your videos please keep on Sharing. I buy these things for my family also. I don't care if it's unhealthy they like it.

Ana Alvarez says:

I had no idea you could price match food at Walmart. If you pm may you use mfc coupons as well on the items priced matched? You did really well!

tango2u says:

Don't know if you know or not but Kroger's carriers the Jr."s Cheesecake now not sure if it is just in TN or all over. I use to order off of tv but can get it in the store for a lot cheaper and save on shipping.

tango2u says:

Great haul but how did you price match the meat because every time I tried that at Walmart they stated it had to be the same brand. I could really use your help.

Virgie Landa says:

I do have a Sellers Brothers right around the corner from me, going to check it out today.
Thanks for the tip.

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

I don't like to use ziploc bags for freezing anymore. I find that it gets freezer burnt quicker. I need to go grocery shopping too.

Laura Mori says:

More frequent grocery haul please!

Amatullah F says:

In my opinion , majority of this food is unhealthy. However I do wish my Walmart would price match 😔

Jotique Harlee says:

My Walmart does not price match

Jeanette Bradt says:

that peach juice is the bomb

Maria Castro says:

hey Toni I believe the 10 lb roll at Walmart is about $18

Candie Lawson says:

wow awesome deals n haul u got .I do the same thing with my ground beef n my boneless skinless chicken breast and I also get the leg n thighs n split them up too to make chicken stew or BBQ chicken legs …
great minds think alike until it comes to couponing then my mind goes in circles then crashes lol. unlike urs takes it up in high gear ..lmao .
I so love this group n Toni ur like family around here ,I bet ur name gets brought up at least 5 to 10 times a day between my house my mom's and/or one or both of my brothers with ur deals or finds that would help them as me . so welcome to the family .lol

mariposa says:

Hi Toni.
Could you please explain with more details how you do the price match?

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