Walmart Haul – Save 80% Using All Digital coupons! Ibotta Rebates! 4/14-4/20/24

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In this video I show you tons of digital coupon deals you can do at Walmart to save 80%!


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Rakuten Spend $30 Get $30 Cash Back Deal👉
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Checkout 51👉
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This video/post may contain affiliate links. I use affiliate links for products I use & love. I may receive a small commission for the links I share, thank you for ordering items from my links. This helps me in my couponing and continuing to bring you videos and deals. I love doing this and helping others save money. Thank you so much for your support.

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@kellylynes7307 says:

Thank you! Hope you’re enjoying your baby moon

@katiewilliams923 says:

why are the April ibotta bonuses so different for everyone? mine is $35 for 108 offers but I’ve seen it’s only 75 for some people 😭

@pammagno233 says:

You are so close to the end of your pregnancy, thanks for all you do 😊

@cheryllauscher4804 says:

I’m going today and my Weekend Warrior is $5 for 18. I have 99 out of 144 offers for $35 for my big bonus. Have a relaxing time on your trip.

@vickicook2602 says:

Great Walmart Haul! Enjoy your trip to Tampa!


Thanks and love your attitude! Hypes me up lol

@twilightgrlmel says:

My baby girl came 3 weeks early and I was not prepared. We didn’t even have the car seat installed 😅

@stephaniezahner168 says:

Shopkick has been so sneaky lately. Tfs

@GLElite says:

I only need 3 more and should be done today for my $25!

@GLElite says:

Uggh I want to go to Florida! I’m in Michigan and the weather is very bipolar😅 70 one day and 50 the next.

@IsabelSanchez-wf7bl says:

Hi Bree I did the schick deal also Swagbucks is giving 4.00

@jaynelass645 says:

Thx for the deals!

@veronicajones8914 says:

I didn’t think I would come close to my 132/$35 rebate but I have 107 and I’m excited. I will definitely make it now 😊 Thx as always for the great haul. Blessings, blessings and more blessings to you and your family ❤

@jeanetteparrett8726 says:

Thanks so much!😊

@maryhammond3341 says:

You will do fine!! 🍼🧸
Enjoy the Tampa area I love Indian Rock Beach ⛱️
Thanks for the shopping haul

@elleluella4565 says:

Hi Bree! You are glowing! I hope you guys have a blast on the baby moon. What apps can you use checkout 51 with? Is it a sister app? Thanks!

@joycemaine1728 says:

I finished my bonus today I got my 25.00

@heathervining1171 says:

Enjoy your trip!! Thanks for helping us get deals!! ❤

@tamikaharris8831 says:

Any more baby deals? Im due in less than 3 weeks and want to finish stocking up 😊.

@5boysmomma says:

That was a lot back for so few items.

@DKIkard says:


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