Walmart Said I Was Using a Fraudulent Haggies Coupon

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Walmart Said I Was Using a Fraudulent Haggies Coupon
i went to Walmart to use the $2 Huggies wipes coupon that i got from spanish site . After going back and forth with the managers Security came over and scanned the coupon and said that if i use the coupon that it would be Fraud and that the coupon is coming up as Fraudulent and its for Huggies Diapers not Wipes
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Wisdom Time says:

Huggies you mean? I was wondering what haggies is.

Pat Beaudry says:

The man is right.after 40 years of retail I understand the couplon world(mainly bar codes)

Joan Mildner says:

Walmart should get a i mail that Huggins coupon some of that are fraud.

Joan Mildner says:

Fraud coupon don't take it lady.

Joan Mildner says:

I won't take you either limit four at me store.

Joan Mildner says:

Limit four idiot customer.Greedy ass.

Rocky Balboa says:

This is a purchase and this is a transaction

Nicole Williams says:

I doesn't have to be in color !

Nicole Williams says:

As long as coupon scans it's ok to use I worked at Walmart and employees make a simple transaction so hard scan the coupon and keep the line moving!!!

Miss Precious1 says:

I hate when the employees don't know what they are talking about. A purchase and a transaction are two different things 🙄 ugh they are so ignorant and it does not have to be in color omg how stupid. They try to do all they can to not let people get stuff and it's legal. They act like they are paying for it.

Jess P says:

Those are printed coupons! You took one coupon with the same number and printed duplicate copies which is FRaUD! You said yourself you don't speak Spanish very well and the cashier did! You did this completely WRONG!! Your fault not theirs! You shouldn't be couponing. you do not know how. You are making it harder for the rest of us. It's in their policy that only 4 coupons per person per visit. You obviously didn't read it very well. And the coupon is for DIAPERS not WIPES you idiot. If you don't know how to speak Spanish very well why in the hell print coupons from a SPANISH site! Idiot

Jenna Siriani says:

Thief, why are you recording this anyway? Acting suspicious are we not?

Roca Bibaby says:

OMG I hate when this happens to me!! Cashiers are so stupid!!

Ms. Karen says:

Why give someone a hard time for a coupon? You see people steal crap and eat products in the store and nothing happens to them.

Ruth Velazquez says:

this is why I hate and don't coupon at Wal-Mart!!!!😠😠😠😠😠

Marti D says:

the customer is wrong and employees are bad at explaining the rules or telling him what's wrong

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