Walmart Shopping – Weekly Coupon Deals (9/29/13-10/5/13)

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Come deal shopping with me using the best newspaper and printable coupons of the week!
I’ll highlight the best coupon deals and show you how to save using coupons! Stay tuned for the best coupons and deals, including rare coupons, buy one get one free deals (bogo), top Sunday newspaper coupons and the hottest printable coupons for the week!

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Andreia Gonçalves says:

oi, que pena que não conseguir a tradução em português. Pois eu adoro ver esses vídeos.

Imane Berreda says:

You so fabulous go on👍👍👍👍

sootherbs says:

those are great deals whenever you get stuff that you use, 'coupon fairy' so funny but sweet

opengates777 says:

You smart get.

Wendy Munoz says:

Today I went to Walmart to do my couponing.the manager to I couldn't use the same coupon on the product

Dianna Cornell says:

I can't print coupons. 🙁

Patel Vidhu says:

All walmart coupons you cover. Thanks for this video.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

robitussin is 11 dollars here in the windy city

Linda Barnes says:

Why is your bra showing? Is that in style? I don't know… Didn't that go out with the 80's? Before you make fun of an older woman who maybe needs to stay warm, perhaps you should consider your own style first.

Family Handshake says:

Please keep doing these videos! When will they go up every week?

Chy Lewis says:

I love the video. Please keep them coming! Also, because I don't have an Iphone, when will you have an android phone app? The iphone app looks great!

jo br says:

Yes good vid, keep them coming girl!

gabylin magnon says:

Live when u do these videos …ty

yakyra2179 says:

I really like your videos, specially when food is included and deals are easy to follow.

Farmhouse Chic says:

so happy you are doing these videos again..i learned how to coupon watching your videos..please keep doing them ..thank you for taking time to help other people save money

angeliny02 says:

This is awesome to see! Thanks so much for walking through it! Visual helps me more than reading about them! If its not too difficult on you to do this video weekly, keep it up!! 🙂


love it! i also went to walmart and got the suave stuff!! love these videos. 🙂

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