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Christine Agnew says:

Also thanks for this video, I followed suit and went to 3 stores lol

Christine Agnew says:

Hey, food lion has a deal on conditioner and shampoo now, they are 2.99 each and part of the buy 3 save 4, and of course we have coupons

The Home Plate Special says:

you are so right. it's always one cashier that brings out the microscope on the Qs.

SARITA Watson says:

Love your personality great video wish we still had a food lion in our area… Wally world be doing the most when it comes to ip coupons thanks to the ones that be duplicating coupons causing them to question every couponer which is bull crap so I just rather not deal with them my Wal-Mart hates couponer's don't know why?????/

Angel Holloway says:

omg am so glad u do foodlion deals your the first one I found that does!!!๐Ÿค—

Bonnie Kittle says:

You would be fun to shop with!! I don't have ibotta, my phone isn't compatible with their app. Great deals you have. I'm going to walgreens tomorrow.

Jay Baptiste says:

I got my Campbell's!!!! thanks.

New2 Coupons says:

thanks…. always sharing the deals the simply it's a great price at Walmart

Gayleen Lee says:

I'll be going to FoodLion in the morning. Girl you said my name correct. Love your videos all the way in Alabama.

Couponing Crystle says:

Jessica Lugo I used one $3 and one $1 .only two like unilever coupons will work in a transaction

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