Walmart & Walgreens Shopping – Weekly Coupon Deals (10/6/13-10/12/13)

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Come deal shopping with me at Walgreens & Walmart using the best newspaper and printable coupons of the week! I’ll highlight the best coupon deals and show you how to save using coupons! Stay tuned for the best coupons and deals, including rare coupons, buy one get one free deals (bogo), top Sunday newspaper coupons and the hottest printable coupons for the week!

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Renee Lemos says:

yes i live in oregon. my cashier from keizer is awesome

Renee Lemos says:

love love your videos!!!

XxJasonXxRivera Bonilla says:

fuck the copacn

vieira105 says:

Love your videos

Sally Maldonado says:

Thank you so much for showing us how to coupon. I hate shopping but if I could save money I would diffenly would start SHOPPING. Another thing people that comment BAD about have no right your helping others save. Once again thank you so much.

Amy W.C. says:

I downloaded the Coupon Printer at once and it gave my comp such a bad virus that I had to buy a whole new desktop comp! I want to download it again (because it was a few years ago) but I'm so traumatized from last time.

WhatAlexThinksAbout says:

Check out my first cvs video!!

nbloverx says:

You would have been able to get ur words out better if u weren't constantly chewing gum like a cow chewing cud its rude and not nice seeing gum Rollin around ur mouth when what we really wan to see is u explaining the coupons to us

LatinaCouponLady says:

Walgreens question: I had a manufacturer coupon for $2 off 3 toothbrushes. However, the deal is, if you buy 2, you get a $3 register reward so I did 2 different transactions instead of one. Can you tell me what would have happened if I used the coupon? Do you know if it would have triggered 2, $3 register rewards? Sorry if this sounds confusing. I’m a new couponer. Thanks!

kamil w says:

Question !
when I get a coupon from can I use those coupons in any store ??

I am really confused as where I can use them when I get them from the internet.
Also is there a way to look for coupons for specific products ?


Lizzy Liz says:

I had the same question as levimissy11

levimissy11 says:

i wondering where you got the coupons for the jerky , i found one for Walmart only , but we go though a lot of jerky a week

blkbrn1952 says:

I always love your webpage and your videos, so happy to see you doing more of them. You have a great personality and are fun to watch, besides the great info you give. Just one thing, there's a great app for your iphone called find my car. It's really great when you are in the mall for hours and have no idea where you parked.

colleen stefonowich says:

how do you find coupons for gluten free products(foods)?????

Emily Pierson says:

Lol the squirrel wants to coupon too !!!

Rocio Carbajal says:

Hi Colin: I was able to get the Beyblade deal yesterday, thanks to you! I paid a little over 7 bucks for two! It's gonna be a great surprise for my son come Christmas. Thank you.

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