What Coupon Database and Matchup Sites you Should be Using

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Hello everyone,

Here is a video sharing what database sites I use and how they can help you 🙂


Xoxo… Mary


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Kim Ellis says:

U r great! Don't let the 1 bad apple of the bunch spoil this. U r a beautiful person. Keep trucking on be strong.

Michigan_Mami 49090 says:

I am so happy I found your channel better late than never I suppose. I am sorry to hear about your concussion and hope that everything turned out ok. I pray that one day I can be on the giving end of the scope but for now I am on the needing end. I have been off work for almost a year. I am turning to couponing to try and save for me and my family. I am so grateful for all your hard work to help us. I am going to start this weekend and try to save save save.

Mari Kriegel says:

thanks Mary I am new at couponing,I am learning from you

Sara Smethurst says:

i wanna create a stockpile like yours 🙂

Rhonda Jones says:

I am so sorry that happened to you! I had something similar happened to me a couple weeks ago when I was at Dollar General at their sale the cashier, a teenage boy he kind of made it insult that I messed not work for a living because I do couponing and look for sale as full-time Job! I quickly Chyna educated the kid because it is a small town that I live in and I know some people probably in my neighborhood think I don't work because I'm always home. I am formed the kid I work from home I'm a customer service agent online. An the thing about that is I only make money if I'm on a call. Therefore if I only have limited funds I have to find ways of stretching and the fans I have so I can pay my bills feed my family etc.

Saving with Stephanie J says:

Mary I love watching you videos and I really appreciate what you do. It helps me help my extended family so thank you!

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

we work together I use it all the time

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

love it sis

helen schlosser says:

We love u Mary, u r a very gorgeous lady!

Luv2SaveMO says:

Love it Girl! Thanks for sharing and don't let the neggs get to you. There's a reason why you have so many subscribers so quickly. I do watch as many videos as I can on YouTube regarding shopping. Girl you are definitely my favorite. I love shoppers with integrity and care about the quality of the videos. So many don't care and I feel like I just got off a boat with motion sickness after watching their videos. Thanks for all the people you bless every week with your donations. God Bless You!

Mascara to Midnight says:

GIRL, I know just how you feel. I lived abroad for the last six years. All my friends kept moving…and now I'm in TX and dont know a single person here!!!!

I can't believe you have over 9000 followers only doing this a few months. I can only hope for that!!!! My channel is a beauty channel.

Poor thing. You do such a great job. I'm not even a couponer adn I watch you. IGNORE those people.

Donna P. Howard says:

No problems. Jealousy is something a lot of people feed on. but as much as you explain most people won't get all the sales cause they think they know better than the ones that are trying to help them.. Those are the ones you say "BYE FELICIA"!!! They are an unwanted MIGRAINE.

Stephanie Cote says:

Thank you for everything girl!!! The fact that ppl are even messing with you is beyond me! And super dad! God don't like ugly boo boo!💋

ThisAndThat2016 says:

Mary, haters are going to hate. Couponing takes alot of work and in order to find the best deals you have to utilize databases and other coupon match ups sites to put together the best deal that is going to work for you. So keep on doing what your doing and don't even stress about the haters… There are many people on here that love you and appreciate all you do and what you stand for! Keep up the great work! Your amazing!

Rebecca Putman says:

Sorry to hear about you getting hate comments on here, that person can't say they don't pass on the great info from you to someone else. I think all of us pass on any great sale/coupon info it's how we help each other. Hope the rest of your weekend goes great. Thanks 4 all u do !!!

Donna P. Howard says:

Thank You for all that you share. I am a newbie to You Tube video making. So I can understand your frustrations.Many people are Haters and can't stand or comprehend living good. You are a beautiful person that i would glad to be friends with. i live in Buffalo, NY and have free long distance if you just want to talk. I coupon a lot also. I would love to share ideas so I can be better at doing it better.. Since you want to shop at cheap clothing stores. Try $5.99fashions.com. I buy there all the time. and you would be happy with there clothing. I buy a size up just to be comfortable

championofHope 805 says:

I appreciate alll your help and time and everything else you share and give! Much love xoxo 😘😘

Theresa Koch says:

Thanks for helping me understand & getting started in the coupon world. I look forward to your videos. Thanks again!!

teresa goin says:

I AM SO EXCITED!! Ok, so I went to couponmom.com like you suggested and I found a list of ibotta offers and I went to freestufffinders.com where I found a gift card offer on Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. I also ordered the 10/2 red plums early through Capriscoupons.com. Well I decided to get my target item for ibotta, no coupon available for the oxiclean (so I thought) while I was getting four breakfast bowls. There is a 1/1 Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast item in the 10/2 red plum!!! Also when I got the oxiclean there was a 1/1 peelie!!! So I got the oxiclean absolutely free!!! I also only paid 4 cents or 1 penny each for the breakfast bowls!!! YOU ROCK MARY!!!!! You are absolutely a blessing to me and my family!! Sorry such a long comment…

Andrea Carter says:

who does that? couponing isn't a turf war- you, toni, netta, fsf, kcl, everyone- you all are helping everyone else. ty for all you do- it's a couponing community not a couponing competition!

Karen Metson Wallace says:

QUESTION – We don't have a freezer anymore. Is it worth getting one? Do you have one?
QUESTION – Do you use eBates? Do some stores vary on the percentage given back?

shaela white says:

hey mary, can you let me no what coupons your getting this week from capriscoupon.com?

Peggy Long says:

You are so awesome. I love watching your videos. You help me so much. I tell everyone to watch your videos. Thanks for all you do.

Bonnie McCoy says:

lol, be yourself doll, you're doing a great job. Haters gonna hate, pray for them.

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