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Daiana Santana says:

Thank you for making a video on this! You are the best at explaining things!

karen koecher says:

When I first started couponing, I got so frustrated. I would spend my precious time getting a whole scenario or set of them put together, clipping the correct coupons etc. and then get to the store and 1 or more items are out of stock. So like you kind of, I write down and clip coupons for different deals and put the scenario together in the store. My husband can't figure out what I do for 3 hours in the store. LOL. Rainchecks work fine on single items but on a 'sp $ G $ ecb' a rain check won't work if it included different items. Like 2 tide, 1 dawn, 1 paper towels or whatever.

karen koecher says:

I'm with you on, "How in the world does their systems math work?" I did figure out that tax is calculated after all CVS deductions (coupons etc.). But the funny thing is when I first started couponing, their final total was always higher than my calculations. When I would go home & go over the receipt; they did deduct all the coupons etc. Now, the funnier thing is after couponing at CVS for a while now; their final price is almost always LOWER than my calculations. I don't get it. I am also fortunate in that at least 2 of my 3 stores will take my coupons however I want to add them. I can add or subtract any items, coupons etc. during the transaction. One of my stores is very nice and polite about it too. I DO however try to have my papers and items figured out before going to the register. But when their register deducts more than what I calculated, sometimes I can't use the same ECBs as it goes over. And since you can't use ECBs on tax, I have to know how must the tax is before handing over the ECBs.

Lisa Feeley says:

The percent coupon is after CRTs. So if you have a 10.00 item and a 2.00 CRT. you get the percent off of 8.00. The manufactured coupons do not effect the percent coupons. I can calculate my total to the penny once I figured this out.

Red says:

Thank you for this video!

Suzy Dupriest says:

I do the same thing. Sit on the floor somewhere hidden everywhere from everyone lol and figure out my total. I always have my coupons crts ready but just totally it out before I check out. It does take me quite awhile though due to a stroke I had a couple of years ago but I get it done and that's all that counts.

Jo C says:

How long do you spend in the store couponing. I feel it takes me forever

Imelda Ortiz says:

Yes!! I do the same exact thing 😋

Lekita Holmes says:

My store in GA the cashier ask for all coupons up front as well. 💖💖

MegaBaconLover says:

Good information. Thank you!

Joann Cragle says:

I do that too

Jeanette P says:

% off always comes off after CVS coupons IE: BB CRTs , CRT's($3/15), or Printable CVS coupons. I do the same thing always hand everything over and I always know my exact subtotal. It is a lot of math and calculations but I also do not want to hand over too much and my stores are the same, if you hand over ECBS after they hit total it will void everything and then put everything back on and you risk something not coming off.

emoXspankster3 says:

I NEVER get % off coupons :sadface: so this isn't a problem for me lol

TnCouponer says:

I do that too,Toni.. Got a $2 crt for purex today & $4 Revlon crt too..Hope you & your family have a blessed week..

Tracey Grant says:

30 % or XX% comes off after qpons ,no sale item, and other exclusions does not apply listed on the fine print.

Holly Schaefer says:

I called corporate twice last week and was told the same thing: it doesn't matter which order you hand the coupons/ecbs/crts to the cashier. The system calculates them in a certain order regardless of the order that you hand them to the cashier. It calculates manufacturer coupons first, then ecbs, then crts.
The issues with crts being lowered is that the system takes off manufacture coupons first then the ecbs apply to each item equally. Then crts are taken off which is why some of them are lowered if there is not enough of that particular item left in the balance for the crt to apply to.
Hope that makes sense.


Blessings Toni
Thanks for your help

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