What Printer Do I Have and How To Print Multiple Coupons

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Shante schmiesing says:

Good intro and good video. Thanks

Amy Stotts says:

Gosh, you're fabulous! My mom has a Wi-Fi compatible printer, but we have not been able to get it to work with our devices. I watch so many videos and I still can't figure it out.

Does printing from your phone leave you open to viruses like it can on computers?

Jan Lo says:

😂great intro! Thanks for the info!

Tiffany Mendoza says:

When I print from my phone the ink comes out lighter, does this happen to you too?

zoe szotak says:

Thank you and you are a JOY to watch 🌞

Ammo Junky says:

I liked the information better.

April Felton says:

That intro got yourself a new subscriber!😂😂..I give my printer the side eye if she wants to show out and not print on some given days. great video!

Viola Alley says:

you so funny..

Disfrutar Con lila says:

You are so funny love your energy 😆😆

Lanita Richardson says:

How do I print multiple coupons when, I print from my iPhone and then try to print from my iPad it says that I have reached my limit. They are connected somehow

New2 Coupons says:

the intro made my day🤗

sarah north says:

I have a coupon dance to when I am praying my printer not to miss up.

Running Kimono says:

Love your opening act— that's me every Sunday am 💜💜💜

Ariana Greene says:

Love the intro 😂

Simplemente ahorrando says:

can I do the same with my Kodak printer?

Debra Garza says:

omg that intro was the best thing ive seen all day

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