What’s up P&G ? Issues with coupons

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Christine Agnew says:

I didn't bother, I've been stocking up on oxi and arm and hammer

The Home Plate Special says:

I purchased an oxiclean yesterday to try. I was like, "yeah! kick em to the curb, CC!" when I watched your video here. Maybe giving Tide a little cold shoulder is good for their attitude.

kylebuschfan100 says:

I didn't even get the p & g insert in my 2 papers this week! I was going to do a few CVS deals with some of them coupons but no coupons! i even looked at the papers at cvs and there was none in those papers either!

Mary Mills says:

I never get them to print 😡
So I don't even bother lol

christine malone says:

i didnt bother. oxi clean was free this week at harris teeter.theses days even paying 2bucks after coupons for tide and going on line for a coupon aint happening for this couponer.they act like their coupon is gold.

Nita says:

I stopped buying P&G. They have the nerve to put 25 cent coupons on Bounty. What a joke.

Jennifer Effinger says:

I didn't bother because if they couldn't give it to me in the inserts I don't need them. I got so many deals on arm hammer and OxiClean. I good plus I already have a tide and gain stock pile. I lot of people had trouble last month trying to get that coupon for them last month. Don't know why the company is being so difficult.

Gaohlee Yang says:

I heard a few people on Facebook had a hard time printing too. it says that they maxed out when they never even printed once

Elena Centeno says:

The last 2 times my insert didn't have them and I got the shock of my life to find them today. I've stocked up with .99 oxi clean and .38 arm & hammer and I liked both. Now I got to think if I even want to spend $2 on detergent. I'm not brand loyal, I might just give it to my sister. After 2 months of paying less than $1 for detergent $2 seems wrong lol.

My Blessings says:

yup ive heard others are having trouble printing coupons

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