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The footage in this video falls under Fair Use Law 107 allowing for education, comment and criticism. The content of this video should NOT be taken as FACT. Any research done to obtain information about the content of this video is done by myself and presented to the best of my knowledge.

The intent of this video is to create a conversation in which people can share their thoughts and opinions on the issues contained in the video.


Coca-Colette says:

I think that the tips influencers use to make a crappy products look good would be a really good video idea!

Coca-Colette says:

I think that the tips influencers use to make a crappy products look good would be a really good video idea!

Paris Bell says:

This video was put out last year. These "limited" edition palette is still on Morphe's website for sale. Limited edition my ass! I'm sick of makeup companies lying

Lemme Channing Your Tatum says:

I hate Laura lee's voice

Umm Yeah says:

I have both of these products and they are amazing as they say! Usually I have trouble believing them when they say it's as amazing as they say it is, but I LOVE them!!

Katie Seier says:

I have these palettes and love them 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Laura Keränen says:

ON Point ☝️😂😂😂😂 I'm sick of these gurus 😷

Maddy Rojas says:

I have this palette and have had it for a while its really good 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Cookie says:

👑👑👑 Too funny, I love it!! I am here for the tea gurl, yas!! 👑👑👑

A to the Z says:

thank you, i use the codes and got a discount! USE MY UBER EATS EATS-ADAM18555ui

Dalia Chan says:

What does "severely pigmented " even mean??

Michella Sarah says:

I would really reccomend everyone to watch Stephanie Nicole's video on Morphe.

Fantastična Četvorka says:

Jesus these Morphe shillers are so dramatic, I can't even. Nikkietutorials is literally having an orgasm while swatching, this is ridiculous, they're all annoying. The only good thing in Morphe is the shimmers, the mats are absolute crap, and the 25a and b can be duped just using other Morphe palettes.

Gabe Petro says:

Everyone just needs to buy inglot and be done with it.

aybuke says:

always wondered why (especially nikki) they are super excited about a eye shadow palette that you can find the similar shades in their previous palettes or other brands like nyx,mac…

Michelle Sisson says:

This video was so funny 😂

Tara Adamsons says:

I have the morphe35f palette and it's nice but the shimmers are chunky and the mattes slightly hard to blend. No shade but you never see any sponsored beauty gurus telling you that.

Dana Burns says:

I love her sassyness 👍❤️

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