Where to Buy Coupons & Ebay Scams

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When you’re a new couponer, it can be hard to know where you should and should not order clipped coupons from. I’m here to tell you that eBay is not the place. That being said, there are some great places to order coupons from reliable users that I’ll discuss in this video.

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Kimberly Quarrie says:

I get mine from http://www.capriscoupons.com.  She has the most regions, widest selection available and a good price too!

Eva Jiang says:

how to order from instagram?

dalin GG says:

Thank for shearing this.. That's really helping me for the beginner couponer like me…

dalin GG says:

Thank you.. Your video is helping me a lot of new coupon beginner like me…


your makeup looks awesome.

Garcia's Shoes says:

Love the look you have going on today! 💕💅🏼💄👍🏼

che reyes says:

I sometimes buy coupons at couponthingsbydede.com. Never had a problem when i use the coupon. Thanks Stacy, you look great

Gina Schweppe says:

Great video to share! BTW your makeup looks amazing!! Thanks for subbing to me;)

myownIDENTITY says:

Great vid Stacy! Thanks for educating 😊

stephanie zahner says:

Can u do video on Instagram. For instance how to find a specific coupon, and who u order from? I have never been on Instagram

stephanie zahner says:

Your makeup looks great

Lori's Lifestyle says:

It's illegal to buy coupons anywhere …..we pay for the service 😉

siszam says:

I've had a good experience buying coupons for certain items on Ebay but I only buy coupons I know came in recent inserts. If it seems too good to be true it usually is.

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