Who Greenlighted “Coupon: the Movie”? / the Trial / the Trailer

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from Mr. Show 2×06 The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Flop


Megamaniac610 says:

The emoji movie

Pyrethryn says:


Crimson_Ghost says:

but now I don't even now if I want kids!

chai xiong says:

This is exactly what I saw on my visit to the Sony Pictures office after the Ghostbusters opening weekend.

Mina the Bina says:

I LOVE Jay's bit in this!

bartaaa404 says:

Is that "Saul Goodman" from 'Better Call Saul" at 4:00?

Ron Inmemes says:

whats with reptile eyes at 2:57?

jackelman says:

jb looks kind of like a jarhead

DohsOfReality says:

Tom Kenny?? David Cross??? What is this magnificence?!

PIX Promos & More says:


Scott Miller says:

This is EXACTLY like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

teak43 says:

"Ow! My eye!"

Hans Moleman says:

And it was a movie!

David Richman says:

That meal has actually started to make me laugh. So american haha.

GameStation3 says:

What I want to know is who greenlighted "Jack and Jill"?

seamac206 says:

lol are they making fun of waterworld?

seamac206 says:

wikipedia mr show
go to david's situation
read the last 4 sentences

gophishn says:

Mr.Show Re-Union needs to happen!!!!!!!

grvonny says:

nnnnnoooo! with bulging cat eyes.

Adam Peredo says:

john carter

BiggidyBieds says:

Honey, guess what?
I got ya some socks!

StanSitwell says:

@BonBon3589 Tom Kenny does tons of voices, spongebob squarepants for one

BonBon3589 says:

Skinny dude plays 'dog' in catdog… lol

I can't remember what else he's been in, but I know that voice.

Omar Sanchez says:

heyyaaa!!!! da naaa nah nah nah nah nah nah naahhh neeeahh ahh ooooohhhhh!!!!

TheTaskmaster says:


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