Who Wants BOGO Dove Coupons!?

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Prisma Martinez says:

Hi Gina I did not receive the coupons

sweetie coupons says:

hi Gina I wanted to know do you have any Garnier hair color coupons

Sandra Barrios says:


Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

Maureen Smith says:

me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo never get them…

Lisa Caulder says:

is it to late to request coupons

Pammmyanne says:

Your awesome

Stacy Works says:

me please..

Haley Morton says:

Omg id love those!!

Rachael V says:

I would love one of the dove coupons.

Debra Robertson says:

Garnier! Thanks Gina.

Margaret Tolnay says:

me me me please for the dove or garnier

pallavi patil says:

I would like to get huggies and dove coupons

Kristy Saelee says:

i would like huggies coupon and dove

Cuponeando Con MaryLu says:

ive been watching you for so long and didn't realized i hadn't subscribed. I just did though πŸ™‚

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