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Witt Lowry

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Razσяvvнιp aj says:

When I heard this song I thought this was Eminem xd

Wouter Beekman says:

you pause on the table …

Jacob And Aidan says:

I think instead of go to benefit the hungry is go to bed and feeling hungry

Synergy says:

"Hoping the door on your notice this eye pink getting thinner" haha xD
It's actually "Open the door and you notice I've been been getting thinner"
Nice try though, I know it's sometimes hard to understand what people say in songs, especially raps & he's American as well so for me someone that lived in the UK almost all my life I also feel likes it's not always perfectly understandable. And I noticed in the comments that you're Swedish as well so it's all good! I just found it funny coz it doesn't make sense haha xD Also a little tip if there's a part you're not sure about try to slow it down 🙂

Enzo says:

Good work 😉

FlossPerfect says:

"I promise on my phones" lol sorry i found that funny its bones nice lyric vid tho

I'm Not Good With Names says:

gotta be my third favorite. this song is so real. what is your favorite out of the album?

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