Woman almost arrested for having WalMart coupon policy!!!!

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Direct link to her post http://www.cutclipsave.com/profiles/blogs/i-had-the-police-called-on-me?xg_source=activity
Hey all! I was appalled when I read this story on my site! I just could not believe what I was reading, but I COULD! I am so glad that they let here go with out taking her in, because they really would have had hell to pay then! Anywho I just had to vent on this BS!
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josh olson says:

I was treated like a crimnal at zellers some boy was mocking my looks and he put the blame on me because he shoplifted

rochelle123ist says:

Never shop at Wally World again

Daniel Robert Levsen says:

the person that called the cops should have been shown on their own website what is on there and where the policy is at and explain how to print it off?

joseph ritter says:

Instead of telling the story. Show the actual event on video.

Maria Gutierrez says:

its true walmart dose not price match anymore or take competitive qs anymore .but home depot and and low,s

Jonte Carlo says:

coupon fraud is a crime. read on the back of those coupons you like to use so much. maybe you're scared of getting treated the same way for your shitty coupons. It should scare you into using them correctly instead of abusing them to defraud the store.

good for walmart for taking action, it makes me laugh when scummy moms get busted in front of their kids.

maya enroth says:

thanks this is one more reason why i dont like Walmart

Ken Durham says:

HEY!!! What's wrong with construction work as you sit in your house? I highly doubt you could do it. Not nice….

MrsPaul says:

So wait, who called the police — the manager, the assistant manager, or the cashier? (Oh, and Walmart sucks. I refuse to shop there. The nearest one here is just full of rednecks)

Rhonda Jones says:

I know this post has been up for five years now and Walmart has just gotten worse on anything and everything to do with coupons. And as for that that show extreme coupon Ing that's nothing compared to the fact that coupons had been around for decades and that's the way corporate America introduce their products to the consumers and keep them hooked on their products. The people at Walmart need to learn to recognize!

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