Woman shops for free using coupons

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I had no idea you could do this….


Sarah Wilcox says:

were can I find coupons

Dawoood Rehman says:

If I go to almost any store with some coupons they tell me that I am only allowed to use 2

GlamOf TheRings says:


Sara Jave Cubas says:

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Qiaoyan Chen says:

0:11 she said couponds

Jr Favela says:


oobertuberdude says:

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Karen E. says:

Are those red things in the 2 containers Jello?I'll start Couponing this week.

OliveOyl12590 says:

I've seen coupons for oranges and Birdeyes frozen vegetables occasionally. Watch for frozen foods in late winter (around March) and the oranges in the spring and summer.

OliveOyl12590 says:

This is a response to both gospelgirl 1964 comments: Buy more than one item so you can use the $.20 overage. And if your supermarket doubles to only $.50 and/or doesn't let you double more than one coupon per shopping order, then tell 'em you'll take your business elsewhere.

LastbutNotFirst says:

she has 4 kids.. i dont blame her.

Nino Brown says:

Now that's too funny

Leni says:

Yes impressive skills on the swing. I need to learn how to coupon man

cminy1989 says:

I am having fun building my coupon site and freebie directory.
freecouponsabc. com

packleader87 says:

If you grow your own food on a raw food, you don't have to worry about grocery stores.

ahsmartin says:

My husband and I are regular hard-working adults with jobs and we're on food stamps and other state programs. We make time for this (while trying to get higher paying jobs) to help us get off those programs.

Shweta Mahajan says:

This is far too time-consuming than it's worth. Regular hard-working adults with jobs don't have time for this.

res1113 says:

3:05 that kid has got some serious skill on those swings.

kusokurae says:

Based on what's in that huge food pantry of hers, almost all of what you can get by this method is highly processed. She'll spend the same amount and more down the road treating her family's chronic diseases.

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

im hateing cause i cant coupon and im also hateing the reason why i live in a 350,000 house driving a classic car? i guess the money isnt the proof huh?

Aviebizzydfreak6 says:

@NikonSanz stfu. you damn troll.

Aviebizzydfreak6 says:

@NikonSanz jobs are hard to get…..you don't know anything about this women to determine that she can for sure get a better job. stop hating because you can't coupon.

mysterymelody says:

I would love to go shopping with a woman like that. She could help a poor college student like me figure out how to survive on a minimal budget.

HereToHelp says:

"Organic" is just a buzzword used to indicate that something was grown without genetic modification of any sort. It still means nothing when it comes to pesticide use, etc.

Most people are deathly afraid of vague words like "chemicals" without realizing that everything in the universe is made of "chemicals."

People also are afraid of GM because they don't understand it.

Genetic modification simply causes the plants to reproduce with qualities we value in fruit (size, color, taste).

iTheGeek says:

You might wanna hit the "reply" button. You posted a full page of comments that were aimed at nobody lol.

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

all food has some kind of junk in it unless your organic!

microskool says:

i get my free coupons at couponzdeal . com..

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