Working With Evernote | Ep50 | Scanning Name Cards

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In this week’s episode I show a neat trick for when you scan name cards into your Evernote account.

Make sure you turn on the right settings.

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Allison Smith says:

Random question that I am sure is extremely simple…. what do you DO with the scanned name cards? I see it in your @inbox but once you process them, where do they land? General reference? This was an extremely cool feature I never knew about, thank you for showing us!

Krista Greene says:

What a great feature. I'm thrilled with how quick that saved the info! I use an Android and your description after settings was more limited on my device but I was able to add to my contacts.

V. Pfeffer says:

Does not work with PLUS subscription

Martin Švec says:

Yes, it works the same way on Android 🙂

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